Monday, June 4, 2007


Just now, Gina came online & talked to me.

Gina ; me

1st Part

Did you go Gurney just now ?
Yes, at 6 -_-"
So did you miss the whole thing?
Yeah, but I went to Chili's for dinner
Chilis ? All spicy food ?

2nd Part

Why you going home so early tomorrow?
'cause I'm going back at 4 lor
That's why I'm asking you why -_-
oh LOL, 'cause my bro finishes college at 4!
LOL this is so funny, I'm gonna post it up!
I can fetch you back
Post what up?
our convo laa
Tiff's & Zi Xin's convo? POST! I wanna see
our meant you & me
ooh. why?
cause you're freaking hilarious!

it's freaking 2AM, I can't sleep
If a bottle of Heineken would beautifully pop out right in front of me,
that will be superbly heavenlike ^^

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