Tuesday, October 30, 2007

i am H-A-P-P-Y !

Life have been G-R-E-A-T !
Amazingly awesome :)

he he
I curled my hair.

click for bigger view

I guess that's all for today.
busy busy busy.
will update reeeeaaaaal sooooooon


Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I've never went through a phase where I'd feel so speechless, like now.

Suddenly, I feel so satisfied, so accomplished.

I do not know why.

For example, in my whole life, I've always wanted something with my I-must-have-it attitude and yes, lately, I've got things I want. Now I feel so empty like an aimless soul.

I am

I need to find my direction
before it is too late
before everything start to fall apart

* * * * *

One week of holidays, meaningless tau ? I'm serious. I've wasted two days watching "Glittering Days", plus today, three days for 30 episodes. I know, but there's nothing else I can do, I'm sick of malls and I can't just yumcha as I am a vegetarian now, till Friday.


I know, unbelievable ? Well, believe it, I'm not going to get tempted by other food and trust me, I won't. I am determined since my whole family is joining in.

Combined Meeting is this Saturday, I can't wait !
This better go well, or not I am doomed.

Holy moly, it's fuggin 0430 now.
better leave now before I turn nocturnal.

&& yeah, I won't be around for sometime.
So I won't be updating so often, I guess :]

do miss me aight?

Thursday, October 11, 2007

of shopping & today

Karangan is like the worst paper, ever!
I could barely write the soalan 2 & it contains 100 marks
so who cares? It was already the last day.
Then I thought the Econs objective might be a life saver.
I mean wtf, it's objective and it's supposed to be easy too.
but, all my calculation question went down the drain thanks to the damn formula
so menggeramkan!

so who cares, it's over and I don't care anymore :]

Tiff & I flew back my house and got ready
Picked Regina up and off we went to Queens
had our brunch in Secret Recipe :]

my oh-so-amazing Spagghetti Bolognese

Then we start our shopping journey from MNG.
Met up with Nigel after so long and he followed us shopping.
Venne & Zi Xin then join us so we continued walking.
Not long later, Celia came.

the camera-shy Nigel

we set this as Nigel's wallpaper in his phone xD

We practically went in everyshop on the Ground Floor
then we headed to the first floor
By the time we reached Borders from Nichii
it was already 6 so we went for dinner in KFC
After a while, Regina's parents fetched us back.

Here are some photos :

the top I bought from TopShop

the "masterpiece" I bought from Elements :)

* * * * *

today's picture :


GOODNIGHT people! :]

Monday, October 8, 2007

whoopeedooo ; !

Finals are almost over.
Two more papers for tomorrow.

did I mention I screwed up everything?
Oh well, yes I did.
I burnt midnight oil for the whole week.
studying till the wee hours.

But I still end up screwing it up -__-

but, it's the past now.


For the record, I haven't vain for two weeks.
it's a huge success isn't it ?

time to stop ((:
will update again next time

ituorang promised he'll be back by 14th Oct
pray hard he doesn't ppk :]