Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I have no lunch breaks anymore
will be studying everyday without lunch break.
Monday to Friday.
wheeeeeee -___-
feel my sarcasm now?

Monday ends at 2pm.
Tuesday & Wednesday ends at 4pm.
Thursday ends at 3pm.
Friday ends at 1pm.

Break next whole week.
Finally, a break, can sleep till anytime I want.
*smiles widely*


uhh. I know I won't be updating again anytime soon.
sorry sorry.
Once I'm used to the timetable and all, I shall start blogging like normal.
sorry readers :(

Sunday, January 11, 2009

woopeedoo :)

greetings people!
I've been very busy with college &
other stuff.
I haven't got time to really sit down and online since last week :(
I didn't know
it would be so tiring.
Have been going to the hospital almost every day after class and night.
It's almost like, every night, we will all gather in the ward.
Just like old times, minus the ward.
I miss family gatherings.
I want everyone to be together, for Chinese New Year 2009.
& Chinese New Year 2010, too.

It's a must to be together, we are all here for you, aunt.
Everyone of us :)
Praying that you'll recover soon, very soon.

Here are two pictures from the trip.
I love these two pictures a whole lot.

from Disneyland's ride, I looked so excited. HA HA

The Ruins of St. Paul's, Macao. Pretty no? I love that place.

will update soon again, when I have the time.
I do miss high school, then again :)
i miss everyone if you (my friends) are wondering.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

short update III

yo people.

i know I'm late.
been busy & yes I'm back :)

I <3 Macao.
not HK, but Macao.
surprising eh?
ask me why! :P

I won't be updating on my trip anytime soon I guess.
no time, theory talk in a few hours time & Orientation on Monday.
Yes, college is starting for me.
I've had enough listening to people discouraging me about going Jan intake.
I'm going Jan intake and go through what I've prepared myself for.
No regrets anymore.

ah its 0235 now.
I better get sleeping.
Tomorrow is a longggggg day ahead.

i miss you.
yes, you.