Wednesday, August 10, 2011

one of the worst feeling

I’ve always hated being left behind.

Whether or not any spoken form of goodbye is uttered, whether or not it’s for the best, whether or not I know the person’s bound to come back soon, being left behind always makes me feel like my heart’s getting wrenched out of my chest.

No matter how many times I’m reassured about how the goodbyes are for my own good, I just can’t stop the tears from coming and I end up wishing I never even met those people to begin with. I curse and I scream, I push the person away then beg that person to stay. I spend each damn day and night trying to keep myself afloat, and trying to drown out that hollow feeling that just makes me feel like crap. Funny how everything that made sense can fall apart with one person’s goodbye.

People come and go, that is very much true.
I should probably be used to it by now.
But I’m not & I probably never will be.

Heck, I know I sound like an emotionally unstable kid right now but this is me.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

happy birthday ♥

Happy 20th Birthday girl :)

This is specially dedicated to you, my closest most annoying and noisy best friend. Funny how we became close, seriously, 11 years down the road and we're still as close (or even closer). We've been through quite a lot, all the dramas and shits, glad we made it through. I was reading back the post I wrote for you 3 years ago, and I laughed, you're STILL annoying me with your whys and what ifs.

Anyway, thank you for always being there, staying online till late night just to make me feel better, driving all the way to my house though you are kinda road blind and annoying my soul to make me laugh.

I love you! Don't ever forget that & I hope you had a great birthday.

be really proud 'cause honestly, I barely do this nowadays.