Monday, January 24, 2011


I don’t know what happened.
How we all became so fragile, so incredibly breakable.
I don’t know why my tears can fall so easily - yet every single one feels like I’m failing at this facade of being happy, ‘fine’, and alive.
I don’t understand how missing someone can quietly kill you & how an unrequited love, just robs you of this sense of hope we all should have.
I can’t comprehend how everyone thinks I’m so strong, and brave, when all I feel is weak and scared.
I don’t know when this happened, when life became like this.
Because looking back - it’s always been this way.

The words between us were silenced weeks ago.
Isn't it strange how that happens?
You can really care about someone unconditionally, put all of yourself into a friendship that leaves you bruised and raw, yet you persisted and stay for a long time until one day, it is gone.
We didn't last forever and we won’t ever stumble into one another again.
But we gave an undeniable effort.
A painstaking lesson in what it means to give someone everything and expect nothing in return.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I hate being so fragile. I hate taking everything so personally. I hate that the littlest things get to me more than things that should actually matter.

The truth is that I’m still a lost soul waiting to be found. But even when I am found, I’ll never truly be found because I don’t think I’ll ever even know who I really am.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

I find it hard to believe

It’s the scary to realize just how much someone means to you. When it hits you, I mean really hits you, all these thoughts and questions rush through your head at once. A sad emotion even starts to creep on you slowly inch by inch as you start to wonder.

What if for some reason things don’t work out? How is it possible for you to live without them?

Someone that was once a stranger now is the only person you know like the back of your hand. Someone you once had no emotions for, now has the power to break your heart. Someone you never used to hang out with, now owns most of your time. Someone you never thought you’d love, now owns your entire heart. Someone you once lived without, you now wish to hold onto forever.