Thursday, November 29, 2007

busy, busy, busy
meeting everyday
dance practice starts today
turned out pretty well :)


Selection Day was good
it's betul-betul funny lol
esp the CLS sketch.
Little Nathalie was so prettysome :)
CGL's dance wasn't that bad :D

but there are still space for improvement

for CTC Selection Days pictures, please visit my multiply site :]

2nd part of the pictures will be updated soon.
soon after Mr. Lim send me -___-

I want to have my own


Saturday, November 24, 2007

you were mine.

sometimes I wake up crying at night
and sometimes I scream out your name
what right does she have to take your heart away
when for so long you were mine

I still miss you :(
It's been so long.
I love you.

why do my heart beat so fast whenever I see you
why do my knee feel so weak when I pass you
why do I still stutter when I talk to you

this is not good.
It's very very bad.
I'm not suppose to... again :)

I need fresh air.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Grey's Anatomy is awesome, season 3 right now
Finished One Tree Hill season 4, waiting for the season 5 to be out next year.
boo hoo! so long to go :(

just the other day, I accidentally knocked down my old photo album
the photos were scattered everywhere
as I was picking all the photos up, I came across photos of me ;]
I saw the little Adelene.
Compare me to then, I just realised how much I've grown through all these years.

I've always told people that I can't wait to get out of high school
so I can get my driving license and get out of this tiny island
but now, I'm starting to think, I might miss high school
I know you might think I'm crazy since I'm still in high school
but one year is a short time.
Sooner or later, 2008 is going to come and I'll be seventeen.
I'll be suffering from the pre-SPM stress and then I'll graduate from high school.

Honestly, I'll miss being in school.
I guess sometimes we just won't appreciate what we have till we lose it.
It's just so classic.

between, happy belated birthday to ME.
I had a blast that night.
I came back very very sober.

i guess that's all for today's update

you know you love me

Saturday, November 3, 2007

I just came back from McDonalds.
Supper -___-
Now I know why I can NEVER become anorexic
I had US Pizza and KFC today in Volleyball's Jamuan
I'll be Penang FATTEST girl i tell you -.-

I need a proper diet
I need to go to gym
I need to start walking more than eating
I need to jump more
I need to try walking in heels for 10 hours non-stop
I need to hate potatoes
I need to cure my allergy-to-sun-and-sweat sickness -__-
I need to start thinking about my health
I need to dislike food
I need to hate food
I need to despise food
I need to just stop eating like a pig
I need to do what I wrote above


there'll be an art & music fest in New World Park on this coming 17th November. It's a free show and they're all local (i think) so please come and show your support to our local bands and dancing group.

I'll be going, so COME !

*flash a big huge geeky smile*

you know you love me,