Sunday, December 30, 2007

leaving, again.

Leaving to KayElle (again) later in the morning.
I'm feeling all bitchy again.
screw hormones !

anyway, I did a header for a friend today :)
heeeheee, visit her blog & give some comments.

oh, shit.
moodswings' here.
this is really bitchifying -_-
i need to get some painkillers before I start murdering people.


Saturday, December 29, 2007


did I say I'll miss you?
no wait.

I am already missing you :(
this is so bitter ...

hope you'll get well, really really soon
so I can stay up whole night to talk to you.

a new day has come

It's been a while since I last blogged... :)

Christmas Eve hmm?
It was well, dull, got drunk & wasted on the eve, so Christmas was just as expected, nothing fun, went out for coffee then dinner with parents at some Malay restaurant, the fried sotong & ikan panggang was finger licking good xP the place is situated by the sea, beside Gold Coast Condominium, somewhere around Queesnbay too.

I bet most people had fun in Gurney for the countdown.
sorry to those people I turned down to spend countdown with in Gurney & club.
I wasn't in the Christmas mood, at all :(

Anyway, back to the happy part, I am done with the new layout :)
I am contented with it and feel extremely accomplished.
I admit I didn't do the original codes, but I spent 19 hours revamping the whole blog.
I was really inspired the other day while browsing through blogskins.
Oh yeah, I credited the original designers, too :)
I must say, this is one of the most successful skin I edited :D
saya sangat gembira dengan kejayaan ini.

blahh, I'm still doing my Add Maths paper now, pretty impressed ey?
Add Maths + Me = Maths Error
but eff it, I have two papers to be done with, 15 pages, 80 questions to be exact.
And I'm leaving to KL in like Sunday :(
which means I have like less than 48 hours to do all that questions
Ishkisme lah, I can barely remember any formula or anything about Add Maths.
Buddha, Jesus, Allah, God.... you got to help me this time ! *prays*

the other day in the car
me ; mum ; dad
eh, they just stated MENTOS GUM here, how would I know it's chewing gum or bubble gum -__-
then who ask you to buy?
daddy wanted it, not me.
just put it in your mouth and chew, if can blow means bubble gum lah.
uhm, what's the difference actually? *chews the gum*
Chewing gum is for chewing, bubble gum is for blowing.
then bubble gum cannot chew wan ah? 0.o
Can lahh, but bubble gum is made of ..... bubble(?) that's why can blow.
OMG really? *spit out the gum*
I'm just joking lah

At one point, I actually believed her in that.
I fell for her trick, again.
how childish can a mother get right?
*shakes head*
okay, I'm off to straining my brain for answers :(
wish me luck people.

I miss you -_-
I can think of you & miss you at the same time
&& you're not dead, cause I miss you.

i love adore you, too.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Letter to You

Dear you,

I dreamt of you again, we were walking on the beach this time, splashing water at each other, we sat there and watched the sunset together. It was beautiful, we just continued sitting there looking at how the soft waves hit the shore until the wee hours, I slept on you and you woke me up to watch the sunrise, then we left. You fetched me home and kissed me, it was short but it was breathtaking.

The next thing I know, it was all just a dream. Just another dream of you & me, again. I asked myself why is it you again?

The thing is I love the way you smile, the way you are always so mysterious, and that grin that always spread across your face whenever you are with your friends, it melts me deep inside. I love the way you laugh and I love the way you make me smile without even trying. I love how you would always show me that smiley face in every text you send. I love how we can sit in silent and say absolutely nothing. I love how we are so different yet so alike. I love how you would always compromise with all my tantrums throwing session.

And I miss how we used to talk about pizza and I will always fight for the crust and I will always be your Pizza Crust Girl. I miss having you around to guide me through, I miss having you nagging me to study every time exams are around the corner, and I miss fighting with you over those little things. I miss pretending to be doing work but actually looking at you from far. I miss looking at you cycling away, I miss walking under the rain just to catch a glimpse of you. I miss how we would always stay up whole night talking about nothing.

If I were to be completely honest, you are still the first thought in my mind every morning and the last thought of every ending night. I know I should not be doing this but I guess I just miss you way too much and I don't know how to tell you anymore. It scares me every time you'd just disappear without saying a word, I don't want to lose you but deep inside I know you've been gone for a very long time and everything I do is just meaningless. Sometimes, I wish I knew what you think about every time you're quiet, I wish I could just tell you how much this is hurting me to see you sad. But I still believe, maybe one day, along the way, you'll think of me and you'll be smiling. Maybe one day, you'll remember.

Because only you have the capability to make me smile when I don't really want to, because you are the only star that can make my future brighter, because you're everything I know that makes me believe I'm not alone. Because you're still that first person that comes in my mind when I'm sad, happy, lonely, etc, because when I am with you, I feel safe. Because you’re still the perfect one.

I know I am not good with words and I am sorry this letter might not be as perfect as it is going to get. But, I just wanted to tell you that; I love you. I guess I always will, even knowing you could just walk away and never come back again, I still have to write it because that's the only way I can express all these mixed up thoughts.

I love you.


Sunday, December 23, 2007

pictures :]

this is where it all begins :]

somebody celebrated her birthday there :]

made friends with them.. :]

&& them :D

made fake couple :/

&& some real couples..

the funny moments..

&& together we are as one :]

and this is where it'll end
I have to admit this,

I am actually missing CTC07 :D

Thursday, December 20, 2007

and it all ends :[

and it ends...

Every year, at this time, things will just go very wrong.
But this year, it got worst
knowing it's going to be my last year.
I did not cry at all.
I came home and looked through all the pictures
I finally realised, it's my freaking last year of camp

I might blog about camp after I get all the pictures
I miss
him =)
and all the Hoes&Poes.

there's never a right time to say goodbye

Sunday, December 9, 2007


The most anticipated event of the year is finally here !
CTC Campfire Night will be on this Saturday at 2000hrs.
Be there earlier as seats are limited.
With the most outstanding performances such as
the funniest sketches and the most remarkable dances,
'll sure to be entertained for the whole night :]

The following details :-

Date : 15th December 2007 (Saturday)
Time : 2000 hrs
Venue : Penang Free School Field

Be sure not to miss this golden opportunity to catch this AWESOME event !

P/S ;
I am performing with my fellow EXCOs

P/S/S ;
Come if you love me! (must support

P/S/S ;
There are gonna lots of good looking lads & pretty looking ladies.
If you wanna catch some waves, you can come, too :]


I won't be around for these few days.
off to Genting & KL
after coming back, I'll be having my camp
so I guess I won't be around for this whole week.

hee hee
i will miss you all too :]

goodbye :(

Saturday, December 8, 2007

changing is ahh-ma-ziiiiingg :D

change is good
your relationship doesn't work
you're moving on
you're starting over
change is good
change is awesome
I should be changing, no?

i don't feel good
i feel sad :(

Friday, December 7, 2007

Golden Compass


went to Regina's house with Tiffany in the morning
talked to her & ransacked her room
then EmWhy called, he was waiting outside the house
then he fetched me & Tiff to Andrew's house for a while
then we went somewhere with our pakaian selekeh LOL
it was so funny seeing everybody dressed so formal while us, wearing slippers & shorts xD
then we went off to JayHedge's meeting
helped them with their ship (a bit lahh)

then Jia Li & Kwok Tjun came,
talked & did some work,
then suddenly unknowingly we are talking about watching movies
tak pasal-pasal we are off to watch Golden Compass

lol, went for the 5pm show
it was awwhhh-some :]

the part where the ice bear's jaw came off, myfudgingGod, so *shudders* && there's one where the witches shooting arrows, so gaya xD

after movie, we went to Kim Gary :)
met the ShoutOut gang there.
then we ordered our food
&& they forgotten somebody's order
LMAO & we had to wait for her.
after dinner, EmWhy fetched both of us back.
from Gurney to Air Itam to Island Glades and back to Butterworth xD

after coming back from Gurney
followed my parents to Sunshine Farlim for grocery shopping (:
bought so many types of chips
and of course my favourite, CHIPSTER

then went back home -___-
suddenly pulak my brother wanna eat McD
then we went McD :]

then today, tiff came early to my place -___-
i was happily sleeping then regina came at 1 something
we went off together to meeting
did costume and see them dance
oh, THANKYOU KELVIN LIM for helping us sew.
terima kasih banyak banyak :]

regina is coming to my place to help me with the costume :]
gossip girl returns right now :]
I'm gonna watch the 9th episode now

byeeeeeee *waves*


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Love ?

how difficult is it to say I love you ?

Life is too short to be wasted keeping quiet
You never know what will happen the next minute
You might not have the second chance to tell your partner anymore
Tell them everything before they're gone.

No point crying over spilt milk

why are you always the one beside me ?
I told you not to treat me too well
or I'll be to dependent on you
Then I won't be able to ...

boooo hoooo !
I'm watching all type of dramas now
From Gossip Girl to Grey's Anatomy to Smiling Pasta (Taiwan) to Queen of the Game (Korean)
I'm even watching Hokkien shows -__-
thanks to my grandma who came to stay with me for a few days.
She have been watching the Hokkien shows behind me everyday
no good :(

I must study
I must start my revision
I must finish my addmaths work
I must finish my accounts assignment
I must go find tuitions

okay, I'm off to my dramas
miss me alright?

get me back some KRISPY KREME will you?
be nice to me. hohoho

Sunday, December 2, 2007

donuts !

did I say I am obsessed with donuts?


yes, I'm currently obsessed with donuts
be it
Dunkin, J. Co, Big Apple
or the latest

wooo hooo !
the ah pek watching movie in genting
nobody to entertain me

I was talking to someone & his MSN name was ******* the Horny

me ; horny

hi babe

hi horny
how'd you know I'm horny? *gg face*
lmfaol. your nick!
oh -___- pai sehh.
so you are?
I'm not horny, I'm feeling horny
I'm feeling sleepy *yawns*
you damn potong steam lar

I fell off my chair laughing -__-
spilling the whole glass of milk
bitch -__-

all song are emofying -___-

somebody is jealous I'm going to meeting more nowadays

I'm still thinking about it
I know it's not coming back
I just won't give up
boo hoo !

had seafood with family & tiff just now
at batu kawan
fuiyohh! finger-licking-good :D
too bad they didn't have the lai-liu-har :(
tsk tsk tsk


I'm happy with my life now.


okay fine, I lied.
so what ?
I am having one of my
mood right now
pms -___-

I still cry for you
I would die for you
I can't believe all the words I hear you say
I still long for you
I was strong for you
I can't believe that you're gone

and even if I cry a thousand tears tonight
would you come back to me
and even if i walk on the water
would you come out to see
now I can't spend my life standing by
cause even when I'm missing you
you're still not missing me

songs nowadays is so bad
they're making kids feel emo
so bitchy weihh
tak baik untuk kesihatan
dui sen thi bu hao
not good for health

tidur time :]
mtg agn tmr.