Sunday, December 2, 2007

donuts !

did I say I am obsessed with donuts?


yes, I'm currently obsessed with donuts
be it
Dunkin, J. Co, Big Apple
or the latest

wooo hooo !
the ah pek watching movie in genting
nobody to entertain me

I was talking to someone & his MSN name was ******* the Horny

me ; horny

hi babe

hi horny
how'd you know I'm horny? *gg face*
lmfaol. your nick!
oh -___- pai sehh.
so you are?
I'm not horny, I'm feeling horny
I'm feeling sleepy *yawns*
you damn potong steam lar

I fell off my chair laughing -__-
spilling the whole glass of milk
bitch -__-

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