Friday, December 26, 2008


I will be MIA for the next whole week.

finally, a getaway :)

Take care while you all are in Singapore ok ?
(but I think you all are gonna miss me more *smirks*)
and and HAVE FUN :D
come back with souvenirs for me!
hahaha, I will see you girls soon.

miss me people :)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

celebrations [:


*throws confetti*

party, tonight?
let's have fun :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


thank you for everything.
I am such a happy kid.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

from Perlis with love.

I finally am using my Ipod, after so long, I have abandoned my Ipod for quite some time. It eventually disappeared in my brother's room -.- I found it in his laptop bag on the way to Perlis.
Just the right time.

Here I am, typing this post, all the way from Perlis. Say I am nice because I even think of my blog even when I'm suppose to be .. enjoying myself. Yes I really did, I went to the Pasar Malam just now :D and seriously, there are so many food here that is cheap & good, when I mean cheap, it's really cheap ok, I'm not the bimbo that call RM10 Nasi Lemak cheap and I am that sampat, mind you, I've never been to Pasar Malam for quite some time already ok, besides, Perlis' Pasar Malam is really really nice, the food here are way cheaper than those in Penang, where do you get RM1 fried chicken wei, its in a very big portion also! Bigger than my palm ok... and and you don't get to find RM0.50 nasi lemak in Penang too wtf, then you can see Coconut drinks selling at only rm1 ok with the filling and all. Everything there sure look delicious and tempting, the father spent like RM50 buying so many food for just four of us. It was like triple the portion we eat for dinner -.- and it's only RM75! Btw, we eat a lot compare to an average human, so when I say triple the portion, I really mean it, try imagining :D haha, now tell me, where can you find all these in Penang with such a cheap price?

ok, I am focusing too much on the food hahaha, between, I ROLLED THE GLUTINOUS BALLS!
I feel so proud of myself at some point :)
I might be making curry chicken with my grams tomorrow :D
hee heee wish me luck :p hahaha.

I think I have a problem, I get irritated/annoyed/pissed off damn easily, is it me or what? I realized after high school, everything is different, although I like finished SPM in less than a month, I can see what is happening to everything & everyone around me. It's starting to look damn realistic now, not that I never expected it, but never this soon I guess. It just feel so funny that everything's over and sometimes the friends may look so.. *sighs*
I don't know.
maybe I am just being paranoid.

I just get going. my Ipod is done charging :D
I shall be listening to it while playing with the kiddo's PSP :)

good night! *hugs*

Friday, December 19, 2008

I am writing this post by myself LOL

My hair is straight, smooth, silky & soft now.

Finally found time to pamper my hair, straightened & treatments. I, myself is tempted to touch it every now & then just to feel the softness of it. Sampat much -.- I know la, it is my first time having straight hair all my life ok. I never did much to my hair in the past, except curling it last year. Yeah, mostly just trimming & stuff. I'm not the kind of girl who changes hairstyle much. I pretty much am very outdated with hair as I never have the guts to snip my locks at all.
I don't think I'd look good in short hair anyway.


I might start highlighting red & green for Christmas.
Then red for Chinese New Year.

fuihhh xD

anyway, I phailed something today.
don't ask me what I failed in MSN
I will just bombard you with more profanities -.-
mind you, I am a very nice .. in person that is.
*smile widely*

Seriously, I
think I won't be updating much, maybe just pictures. I have too many things to finish *sigh* and my driving license! I won't be getting it so soon after all, starting college in Jan will just make everything much worst wtf, but I made my decision.
no regrets, no regrets, no regrets.
*chanting it non stop*

Yes, I am going January intake.
please don't tell me its a stupid thing for me to do -.-
Exactly a month after SPM and I will be back holding books.
Can you at least feel happy for me & stop making me feel like I'm making a mistake?
*mutters* boys will alw
ays be boys... *coughs*

I love this picture :)
I love the people inside too.


I'm going Perlis tomorrow.
*smiles happily*

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

short note 2

Am I making the wrong decision by doing it earlier ?
What is wrong with me lately ?
I can't seem to make up my mind at all.
I'm having second thoughts every time after I finally decided on something.
Is this a sign ?

Should I continue to pursue what I want ?
should I just wait ?

It is almost 3
I just signed all the forms.
Hopefully it's final.
I seriously hate it when everything seems so vague.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

short note 1

I finally changed my whole layout after so long.

so bloody long.
I am sorry, I won't be updating AGAIN.
I have Undang test this Friday & I can't seem to get 80 & above at all.
If I don't score at least 84, I have to retake till I pass.
and I'm going to do my hair tomorrow, one whole day gone.
left Thursday to .. study
wtf. omg.

I'm so sorry again I cannot update.
Maybe I'm being my usual self *mutters*lazyass*coughs*

Besides do comment on the new layout and header!
Credits to some sit for the background ><
I forgotten. I am so sorry.
If you know who you are.
Just drop a comment and I shall credit you ok.


I am uploading all the Bloggers' Gathering picture to Facebook tonight.
Feel free to tag yourself.
I'm being... l....a....z....y.... again.

I finally decided on something.
the decision is made.
& it's permanent.
Hopefully I don't regret
*prays hard*

Monday, December 15, 2008

ladies troop

It is late *rolls eyes* I am finally done with stuff.
uh huh.
I am sorry I've been too lazy to blog & stuff.
I am currently in a state of dilemma.
No idea which intake to choose

Anyway, I have updates coming up, real soon.
After I finished receiving pictures from others I guess.
Hopefully I don't get lazy by then ;)

Janice, don't be too surprised :P

What A Bloggiful World! event :]

Check back soon, updates are coming along.
I promise, I even postponed my Undang for my BLOG ok.
and partly cause I haven't start studying or doing exercises.

Anyway, anyone taking SAM January Intake in Disted ?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

let it go

I am already missing .... it
something must be damn wrong with me.

Friday, December 5, 2008


SPM is over.
RIGHT, finally.
I was busy for the past few days.


I shall start blogging about everything (the pre & post) soon.

anyway, recently I just found out about my friend, QUAH LYN SI, she is diagnosed with Leukemia, yes at the age of 17, only found out right after SPM. She's a strong girl, I know she is, she have always been. She is one tough chick and I know she will make it through, FIGHT IT BABE. You have your family & friends here supporting you. We will all be praying for you.

To those who knows her, pray for her.
To those who doesn't know her, pray for her too :)
God loves everyone.