Tuesday, October 20, 2009

living by.

people lie. they say they have your back, but they really dont. if you're gonna talk, then back it up with your actions. don't just say one thing but really do another. think about peoples feelings for one time in your life. shit kills. people take things personally. you really can't expect anything from anyone. they're just going to let you down one way or another. don't ever let your guard fall, even if you think you can trust someone. the only person you can 100% trust is YOURSELF. no one else will understand you completely. people suck. end of story. trust no one, depend on yourself, don't get hurt.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


its freaking 4am.
I'm sitting in front of the laptop.
listening to the those melancholic songs.
reminiscing, I feel myself tearing.

I am a happy person, generally, I don't turn emo :/
oh well.

9 tryouts.
3 sbs
none worked out.

you did the most amazing job by stalling all 12 choices.
I think you're still irresistible after all these years.

OF oh OF, don't play anymore.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

SAM 09 I

the times we just sit down & talk about nothing.
the times we kept laughing over the lame things we said.
the times we try to make one laugh w/ Kumar's jokes.
the times we'll just stare at each other, wondering where & what to eat.
the times we are always there to celebrate each & everyone's birthday.
the times where we always make an effort to make everyone feel special.
the times we will always wait for everyone's food to come before feasting.
the times Kylie will always be having her camera almost everytime & everywhere she goes.
the times when the drivers start drifting and racing, BROAD DAY LIGHT!
the times we had, all good & bad, it is all memorable.

how I am going to miss being a SAM student.
the ever most noisy class, everrrrrrr, in Disted.
& the course where everyone is close to everyone.

I am proud to be one of SAM09.
I will definitely miss everyone when this end, even if I don't talk much to some.
I will always miss the Moral & M'sian Studies classes together.
our one whole big family :D

this is just another chapter of life, right? :)