Saturday, September 29, 2007

finals emo

I haven't been touching the computer for quite some time
Goodness, it's been looooonggg :]
for those commented my previous post,
thanks for the concern, it's definitely not child abuse =)

Finals on 1st Oct - 9th Oct.
9 days of misery.
I've been dating Mr. History for almost a week.
I serap nothing from there =(

oh, and Accounts.
5 questions in 2 and a half hour!

stress stress stress !

I sedang EMO giler :[
I am depressed.
I am regretting.
I am hopeless.
I am worthless.
My life is going to end, soon.

Anxiety ?

i am at the verge of insanity!


Sunday, September 23, 2007

menggeramkan -__-

I was suffering from severe injuries for past few weeks.
OMGness. I am jinxed I tell you.
Seriously, the injuries come one after another.
It's so ballistique!

Finals are around the corner

Seriously, I'm so gonna hibernate
I mean it this time.
It's exactly a week from now.
9 freaking days of misery!

wish me luck people.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007 is giving out $$$ again !

money ! money ! money !
kachingggg ! $_$

Yes people, it's Advertlets !

Let me promote Advertlets sikit.

Well, I've joined Advertlets since I actually started blogging back in
Advertlets actually pay me by posting up advertisements.
I practically earn money by just typing.
Isn't it just GREAT?

and another thing.

What should I do once I get my Advertlets cheque?

There are three options.

Option 1.
Spend it right away. New purse, new bag, new wardrobe, new Adelene XD

Option 2.
Save it and continue collecting till I reach my target so I can finally get my own camera :]

Option 3.
Donate it to the orphanage home or the poor.

Let's just say, Option 3 is just too crazy to happen
But it might happen
Hohoho ! :P

This whole advertising online thingy is really fehmes now
Even in my English Oral, I talked bout earning money through blogging
the teacher was surprised :]
oh well.

Now, not only adults can earn money.
Teenagers, too, can earn money just by blogging.

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Finding You In Loving Memory

Me and you
How to compare in this lifetime
Me and you
Almost be together forever
The time and place we unexpectedly meet
Is like a drama
Doesn't know where to start

Love is too heavy
Not enough air to breathe in
Love is too beautiful
Lightly yet unable to carry it
When love arrived
It's just like a beautiful weather
When love is gone
It suddenly changed into blizzard rainstorm

If I could hate you
Painfully hate you with all my strength
Hiding and evading when we encounter
It's because wanting to let you go
But still missing you
Who is more miserable than I am
Fearing being reminded of the past
No matter how hard the arms are stretched
There is still distance between us

You are far away
How to say I'm sorry
You are very near
Yet suddenly left in split second
Maybe happiness is too brief
Like a meteor shower
In a blink of the eye
Feels like a mirage yet afraid to remember

I rather heartlessly hate you
I'm still searching for you in my memories

* * * * *

if you don't understand Cantonese
that is the English translation for the song
no reason for me not to love this song
I'm uberly obsessed with it


I didn't get washed away by the waves
policemen were surrounding the beach yesterday
not allowing anybody to walk anywhere near it -___-
we had to celebrate his birthday in the hotel room instead
oh. there weren't any huge waves so I guess God still want me alive :]

I guess a lil' part of me
still have the slightest hope
you might come back

x o
x o

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

tsunami ?

period period -_-

I think I'm suffering from severe bleeding problem -___-'
First it was the arm, then the nose.
Now it's the fucking EAR.

Kwok Min's birthday is by the beach.
Should I go or not?

stupid tsunami news.
fuck it
I'm just gonna pretend I never heard it.

Wish me luck people.
*blow kisses*


sayonara :]

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


I spent my Merdeka in Perlis with bi, Kel & Viv.
We tried the Laksa and Ais Kacang *yummy* :]
went dinner with my cousins at night.
bi & Kel was almost drunk after dinner
so me & viv decided to try something.
We walked around the whole housing estate in the middle of the night.

hell yeah it's fun :D

The next day, we started off our journey super early to KL.
Reached there around afternoon.
KL was super packed so we just chill around Starbucks.
After going dinner, went back Viv's place to change.
Mardigras was awesome.
saw some familiar face.
Danced and got wasted the whole night.

i know i look fuckin wasted.

Went back Penang the next day.
I'll start hibernating from now on.

I promise :D

My end term exams are coming
I need to bertaubat & start studying.
If you see me hanging around.
Please do slap me.
Thank you

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Talk about the Seventh Month.
I've been having nightmares everyday since the mid of August.
No, it's not fun at all.
All of it seem so real.
Involving every of my loved ones and... me.
It's beginning to scare me.

I'm afraid.
Afraid of losing everybody I ever cared for.

I was walking, passing through the people I've never seen or met.
A familiar sight suddenly attracted my eyes.
I looked at her, trying to recall her.
It was, her.
There she was holding a few bags from all the shopping.
With a phone on the other hand.

I wanted to scream for her.
Before I could say anything...

A car ran over her.
There was blood all over her lifeless body.
Her white dress slowly turned blood red.

I rushed to her and slowly turned her around.
I see....

She was me.

I swear to God, it feel so fucking REAL.
It's like I can feel the pain on my body.

but who am I to complain?

me ; sheyma

eh, weishian! I have a question for you.
hahaha, what?
when you do time right, why you cover blanket?
do what? -__-"
seks la !
HAHAHAHHAHA, cause later your ahems kesejukan.
really ar? okok.

tiff & i laughed like crazy after that.
sheyma is so cute!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Sometimes I wake up crying at night
And sometimes I scream out your name
What right does she have to take your heart away
When for so long, You were mine.

When two roads are diverged,
Decision must be made,
Regrets linger inside,
as I slowly feel numb.

If I have a chance to relive that moment,
I might choose differently.
But, this is me now.

I begin to realise
how fast present is turning into memories
how each person walk pass me without noticing
how one can change into another person in a split second
how we used to be we and not me&you.

it's the 19th month today.

this road I'm walking
this life I'm leading
I will not regret