Wednesday, September 19, 2007 is giving out $$$ again !

money ! money ! money !
kachingggg ! $_$

Yes people, it's Advertlets !

Let me promote Advertlets sikit.

Well, I've joined Advertlets since I actually started blogging back in
Advertlets actually pay me by posting up advertisements.
I practically earn money by just typing.
Isn't it just GREAT?

and another thing.

What should I do once I get my Advertlets cheque?

There are three options.

Option 1.
Spend it right away. New purse, new bag, new wardrobe, new Adelene XD

Option 2.
Save it and continue collecting till I reach my target so I can finally get my own camera :]

Option 3.
Donate it to the orphanage home or the poor.

Let's just say, Option 3 is just too crazy to happen
But it might happen
Hohoho ! :P

This whole advertising online thingy is really fehmes now
Even in my English Oral, I talked bout earning money through blogging
the teacher was surprised :]
oh well.

Now, not only adults can earn money.
Teenagers, too, can earn money just by blogging.

Got a blog and want to earn money?
Join Advertlets and start making money!
You can enjoy blogging and earn your extra income at the same time

For the mean time, those of you with Advertlets account which haven't cash out
Here's your chance !
Advertlets is giving out RM20 to 100 bloggers.
Click here to find out more.
The closing date is near, so what are you waiting for ?

“ - Blog Advertising in Asia!”

Advertlets make bloggers' life easier & richer :]

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CRIZ LAI said... Nuffnang has already given me a lot. Anyway, no more space to add in my blog and to congest my blog's downloading time :)