Friday, February 26, 2010

counting the days to ...

menghitung hari
detik demi detik
masaku nanti apa kan ada
jalan cerita
kisah yang panjang
menghitung hari

padamkan saja
kobar asmaramu
jika putik itu takkan ada
yang aku minta
tulus hatimu
bukan puitis

pergi saja cintamu pergi
bilang saja pada semua
biar semua tahu adanya
diriku kini sendiri

sitting in front of the laptop (again, everyday) listening to emo songs, typing this post, instead of studying my initial 9 chapters of PSY105 and 8 chapters of MC100 and finishing my PSY113 essay. I guess procrastinating is everyone's favourite hobby, lately. Especially when your exam is just right around the corner, like well 4 days?

seriously, I do not know what I'm doing here

I should be finishing the essay then start speed reading (studying, as they call it) the Research Methodology & Business Communication textbook :(

I'm not a thunder-lightning person (WHO IS! YOU TELL ME)
when I say I'm not, it meant I'll run & hide whenever I hear thunder, see lightning.

I am freaking scared of them -.-
especially when I'm staying on the 18th floor now
The chances of it striking anything/anywhere near me are higher
I'm not joking.
I might just run & hide under the blanket now.
but no, I'm too lazy for that, cause I might just fall asleep underneath it.

I'm really sleepy now but I cannot go back to sleeping, it is 6.42pm and I just woke up from my second sleep of the day not long ago, like 3pm? wtf :|

sudden craving for bah kut teh and dim sum :(
whoever that bring me that anytime today, I'll love you all long time!
hehe I mean it *hint hint*

I should really go back to my assignment, long long way to go.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

biopsych should be banned

I moved from the 2nd floor to 18th floor.
Don't ask me why, I'm too lazy to explain.
Just went through one of the worst paper ever, Biopsychology.
Seriously, it is the worst paper, worst than last year's maths :(
25% for my whole sem, omgwtfbbqccbknn :(
50 questions, mean one question is like half mark.
I am only sure of what, 10 out of 50?
that's probably just 5% wtf out of 25% WTF!!
Motivation paper was do-able, there are some which I don't really know
but at least I was sure half of the paper was fine.

Biopsych is seriously... omgosh :( I really do not dare to get the results
I thought MCQs would be easy, boy, was I wrong, it was tougher.
There are 5 choices -.- all also I never hear before one, or all also damn close one.
damn fail larr rawr. Pek chek!! :(

The weather here is so hot, I am so pissed, everyday after class while I walk back to the room, it'll be like as if I'm sweating after a 10km run, seriously, it is THAT bad :( to make matter worst, my room only has aircond, no fan at all, I'm killing mothernature every day, I'm sorry, I know I am very contradicting lah, but no choice :(

sorry Earth! I still love you!
I am recycling everyday & I walk, everyday here, no petrol wasting.
see! I'm repaying back :x
but, I think my aircond is the HCFC (Hydrochlorofluorocarbon) one lor
the energy-efficient, cost effective & environment friendly thing :x

anyway, midterms aren't over
i have two more papers, one next tues, another next thurs.
at least these two papers aren't that bad :(
stupid biopsych, I still have to study you in year 2 wtf
fml :(

i shall sleep now wtf its 6.27pm
so much for afternoon nap -.- turning out to be night nap :x

Friday, February 5, 2010

I'm sorry I screwed up
there's really nothing much left to say