Friday, February 29, 2008

the girl in Joy =)

it's O V E R :)

I can rest for like 3 months, ey.

*jumps in joy*

Next up, EDUCATION FAIR esok :D

Rachel Ooi & Adelene Tan

* * * * *

Last two weeks pictures.
(Rachel Ho! me want pictures of Sun ;))

I'm lazy to upload one by one.
upload all in one shot is much easier

*mmm hmmm*


Thursday, February 28, 2008

the weaksubs & coffeenight *

My weakest subjects are up tomorrow ;

Additional Mathematics (the bitch)
I am in good condition with this bitch here. I understand, I did all the revision, my tutor just retaught me all over and I'm done with it. Progression is so mengawesomekan. I absofuckinglutely love it :S

Pendidikan Moral (the whore)
This whore here is scary, I haven't started memorizing yet, three freaking bidangs kay? And it's just a quarter of the year only. I suck in Moral studies lahh.
Seorang yang bermoral tidak akan mendapat mendapat markah yang tinggi untuk Moral.
Har har har.

(the slut)

I'm telling you, this slut is the root of all evil, not allowing me to understand anything, I don't even understand the last chapter of Form 4 :( that stinking graph & wave-like lines. Blahh, I must study tonight already, burning my last midnight oil of the month.

* * * * *

munchkins bought Mocha Ice Blended from Coffee Bean and Caramel Frappuccino from Starbucks stored for me, tonight.

wooots, blissful :))

okay, I have to study.
STUDY, adelene.
You must score this test.

Monday, February 25, 2008

kaboOoOm * =(

I have this huge intensity to *kaboOoOm* right now.

Please kill me.
I want to just mati right now -___-

Sunday, February 24, 2008

today & yesterday ; disappointment

The sound of the television showing the Tottenham VS Chelsea match behind me is giving me headache, especially when my brothers' made their stadium behind me, screaming and scolding and eating all the junk food. Tempting me with the delicious chocolate chips with extra almond cookies & my favourite Sour Cream flavored Chipster.

Boooo them -___-

So here I am right now, one ear listening to the football match, another ear listening to my eversoft music (thanks to their stadium behind me). With one part of my brain thinking what to type, another half of my brain is thinking the design of the Yellow House T-shirt, and test is just 2 days away.

Talk about doing revision, I tried studying but every time I try, I end up sleeping or eating or going out. My mother is complaining about me not studying (like... everyday? har har) . It's just amazing, right?

Ooh and yesterday, as I was walking, I slipped and injured my knee. It was quite a bad injury until I went to the doctor, he said I was lucky I injured the lower part or I could have broken my knee cap. Consider myself lucky ey? But I still have problem walking, it is still swelling even after taking the medicine.

Mr. Doctor said I must not work out or do any heavy exercise that have anything to do with my legs for the next 2 weeks.

just so amazing ! -__-
Just when I'm finally determined to lose some weight.
Things just keep happening.
Am I jinxed or whaaat ?

* * * * *

Anyway, I'm sort of, very disappointed in somebody.
I guess I just have to get used to not having somebody in my life, again.
I don't think he'd probably care if I died right now.

I'm strong, I'm tough, until you came along,
& bring down all the walls I've built over the years.
You were my weakness, and I guess you are still my greatest weakness.
Tell me, is two years too short to heal this pain?
My dreams, it's getting out of hand.
It's haunting my mind & taking over my body.
I'm scared I'd make another mistake to destroy us all.
I'm afraid I might lose everything I want to have.
I wish for you to come back
and take over this ghost inside my mind.

For now, I'll be sitting here.
Patiently, waiting for something to happen.
Some hugeass miracle to happen to us.
I won't put too much hope.
As they said heing mong yuet tai sap mong yuet tai
It meant the more hope you put, the more disappointed you might feel.

anyway, Chelsea scored & my brothers' rooting for Tottenham.
I'm going to sit down with them on their stadium, right now.
And support together with them to cheer myself up :D

toodles <3>

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Finale of EDC's Sex Scandal


the man have finally came out from his shell to end it all after all the photos have been flooding all over the Net. I bet most human have got their hands on those very entertaining pictures.

Marriage are called off due to
those pictures, some are breaking up/separating due to pictures too. What can we say about it, now? Ever since the release of it starting from the 29th January, everybody have been wondering is it true? Or are those fake?

Most men are probably worshipping EDC for his conquest, some are probably jealous and the rest? They're probably hating him for his carelessness of handling those pictures.

Me ?

I personally think it's normal for an artiste to have
fei wen (rumours/scandals/gossips) but for an Asian to have sex scandal with 12 women is just disappointing, what more, a guy I think is talented (for certain acts, now that I know).

Despite all the running away to convince the girlfriend and all, he came back on 21st February, held a press conference and read his statement to the public

A summary of his statement
He was with his family all along & not escaping
He admitted he took all the pictures
He claimed all those pictures were illegally stolen from him
He apologizes to all those involved in this scandal
He will quit showbiz
He will perform charity work for the next following months
He want to heal himself & search his soul
He will continue assisting the police with their investigation
He hope they will accept his apology & give him a chance

He look so hot even when he's like the world's biggest jerk.
No wonder all the girls always give in to having their pictures taken ey?

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Scorpio ; Finding time for friends is tough -- so throw a party to seem them all at once!

I'm getting very excited over .... the Education Fair next week.
LOL, I know, funny hmm?
Everybody is like test is next week and I'm all obsessed with Education Fair -____-
macam mana ni ?
I think I'm gonna flunk Add Maths again & Sejarah.

oh.. wait. I have school tomorrow.
Off to bed now :]

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

another death.

Lydia Sum, famously known as Fei Jie passed away this morning.
She is one of the icon I actually look up to.

So many deaths in just the beginning of the year.
Is it me or is it 2008 ?
This year was supposed to be awesome.
But people are slowly leaving, one by one.

I somehow miss ituorang ey?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

look at the bright side of life :]

Scorpio ;
Things are going well, so why rush on past the good times to get to the finish line?

Valentines this year wasn't that bad this year
Watched Meet The Spartans after school, received something cute.
Came back after dinner & prayed at night with the parents.

Skipped school on Friday but went tuitions as usual. Heard somebody cried in school and made a scene out of it. Har har har *thumbs up to her* There goes all the friendships of yours, going down the drain, ey? *smiles* SUE ME if you can ;)

Roamed around just now & watched Meet The Spartans, again, with Zi Xin & Celia because Jumper was sold out. Then Zi Xin & me took a cab back to E-Gate, took our dinner in Sushi King & Starbucks. Fattening much ? but was worth it after all the rushing & running. My heels almost killed me today -____- spent a total of RM20 on cab today.
Pffft, spending money like drinking water again :(

Who wants to fetch me out tomorrow?
I want to watch Jumper. Boooo :(

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Of Chinese New Year :]

to everybody :]
may you have a merry time collecting/giving angpows
I know I had a great time collecting them ;)

As usual, first day in Penang & second day in Perlis.

First day of CNY
Went visiting the usual places then came back & rest. The father's friends came and more relatives came, collected
more angpows. Zi Xin & Tiff came, had their lunch and we went up to vain (lol!) then Regina came, we vained again & played cards. Had some heart-2-heart-talk XD some funny things happened then we went dinner then, they went back. Gambled with my cousins, won abit then cousins went back.

Second day of CNY
Went back to Perlis, reached there earlier than usual, not everybody was there yet. Then slowly, the more relatives came & watched shows, ate & collected angpows. Gambled again, this time my dad sponsored money xP I'm telling you, the father is freaking hardcore man, he kept increasing the bets -___- I almost died on the spot. Then he went back, and I played a while then went back to rest. After a while, went gambling again feeling all lucky, won back some money I lost then went back to Grams house for dinner, they had laksa & BBQ party behind the house. I bbq
ed, alright? Like so freaking long only finished a chicken -____- then started irritating my cousins, talked to them about stuff then I went back in to rest. The brother & cousin went to light up the firework, lasted for 2 minutes, there goes RM220. It's cantik alright. Then later at night, the boys went gambling and I was the only girl left, so I went to sleep.
Yiipppeeeee :]

Third day of CNY
Came back on the afternoon then went to Queens with Reg & MingYeng, watched KungFu Dunk =)
wahsehhhh JayChow so yeng lol and and.. that Xiao Lan fella, so gaya gila & their slam dunk is like over exaggerated but it's not that bad.

Today, 10th February.
Went to the father's friend's company's OpenHouse. Nasi kandar,
again. Met LaLa there after sooooooooooooo long. Watched them gambled, the father let the brother played and he won quite a sum. From what I know, the banker lost 20 thousand plus, Ringgit Malaysia ;)


I'm so freaking free tomorrow, I don't want to rot at home.
Who wants me to visit their house ?
I'm very very freeeee :D
just call me, alright?

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Choc fudge! :]

I baked fudge for him :)
Not just for him but to all my friends too.
But it's still specially made for ;]

har har, one year for being apart.
should be happy, no? *shrugs*

There is the Chocolate Fudge made by ME.
Not bad for my first time baking, I suppose.

" You could offer me the sun, the moon
And I would still believe
You gave me everything
When you gave your heart to me. "

[Jim Brickman & Michelle Wright - Your Love]

a year have passed

Images of you were everywhere when I closed my eyes
It was as if everything of you are haunting me once again
It doesn't hurt that much, anymore.
It's getting numb with everything that is going on.
I wanted to keep all the best for you
& I practically forgotten everything I want.
Simple as it may be.
It's not accepting decision I never intend to make

Today is the day.

One freaking year.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

birthday celebration :)

31st Jan

after coming back from school, got home & showered & got ready, called Regina & we went to the birthday girl's house, Sok Wah, Jenny & Zingwei were there. After a while, we went to Gurney then we split up, me & Regina went to meet Rachel & Chia Sin in Body Shop and bought Zi Xin her birthday present, then we went
shopping for everything possible. HAR HAR HAR

and we met MISS KOAY, yes my school Chemistry teacher. Har har, she actually looked better in school than
out of school ey, no?

then, after roaming around, Tiffany came & we went down to get something to eat/drink.

Met Cedric & cousin, TseHan on the way up to MegaQ to meet Zi Xin. Passed her her present then we played the game in there for a while then we went down to Seoul Garden, Venne, Tiff & Regina followed me to get the cupcake from Joo Sing. Met my brother with his
ahems. Then we went down to Seoul Garden & asked the worker to keep those cupcakes for us :)

Then instead of eating, we started vaining like nobody's business in Seoul Garden.
HAR HAR HAR. Let me present you with
some pictures :D

then there is the couple of the day caught in act.

and time for the 17 years old
aunty to blow her candles. HAR HAR HAR

heh. Her parents brought another 1.5kg cake too, and we ended up eating in school the next day & the cupcakes taste delicious :] yummy, I prefer choc chips over choc now :X

With this, I end the entry with all the group pictures we took at the end of the day.


will update on

Rachel's birthday celebration ... soon :)

I can't wait to get my driving license weihh
I've been going out every day,
and it's like so inconvenient to keep bugging people to fetch me back.
At night, especially.
I feel very bad
but I still have to wait for another 11 months
there goes another a year older for me by then.

coffee, tomorrow, anyone?
Group study, Sunday, anyone?