Sunday, February 10, 2008

Of Chinese New Year :]

to everybody :]
may you have a merry time collecting/giving angpows
I know I had a great time collecting them ;)

As usual, first day in Penang & second day in Perlis.

First day of CNY
Went visiting the usual places then came back & rest. The father's friends came and more relatives came, collected
more angpows. Zi Xin & Tiff came, had their lunch and we went up to vain (lol!) then Regina came, we vained again & played cards. Had some heart-2-heart-talk XD some funny things happened then we went dinner then, they went back. Gambled with my cousins, won abit then cousins went back.

Second day of CNY
Went back to Perlis, reached there earlier than usual, not everybody was there yet. Then slowly, the more relatives came & watched shows, ate & collected angpows. Gambled again, this time my dad sponsored money xP I'm telling you, the father is freaking hardcore man, he kept increasing the bets -___- I almost died on the spot. Then he went back, and I played a while then went back to rest. After a while, went gambling again feeling all lucky, won back some money I lost then went back to Grams house for dinner, they had laksa & BBQ party behind the house. I bbq
ed, alright? Like so freaking long only finished a chicken -____- then started irritating my cousins, talked to them about stuff then I went back in to rest. The brother & cousin went to light up the firework, lasted for 2 minutes, there goes RM220. It's cantik alright. Then later at night, the boys went gambling and I was the only girl left, so I went to sleep.
Yiipppeeeee :]

Third day of CNY
Came back on the afternoon then went to Queens with Reg & MingYeng, watched KungFu Dunk =)
wahsehhhh JayChow so yeng lol and and.. that Xiao Lan fella, so gaya gila & their slam dunk is like over exaggerated but it's not that bad.

Today, 10th February.
Went to the father's friend's company's OpenHouse. Nasi kandar,
again. Met LaLa there after sooooooooooooo long. Watched them gambled, the father let the brother played and he won quite a sum. From what I know, the banker lost 20 thousand plus, Ringgit Malaysia ;)


I'm so freaking free tomorrow, I don't want to rot at home.
Who wants me to visit their house ?
I'm very very freeeee :D
just call me, alright?

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