Saturday, February 16, 2008

look at the bright side of life :]

Scorpio ;
Things are going well, so why rush on past the good times to get to the finish line?

Valentines this year wasn't that bad this year
Watched Meet The Spartans after school, received something cute.
Came back after dinner & prayed at night with the parents.

Skipped school on Friday but went tuitions as usual. Heard somebody cried in school and made a scene out of it. Har har har *thumbs up to her* There goes all the friendships of yours, going down the drain, ey? *smiles* SUE ME if you can ;)

Roamed around just now & watched Meet The Spartans, again, with Zi Xin & Celia because Jumper was sold out. Then Zi Xin & me took a cab back to E-Gate, took our dinner in Sushi King & Starbucks. Fattening much ? but was worth it after all the rushing & running. My heels almost killed me today -____- spent a total of RM20 on cab today.
Pffft, spending money like drinking water again :(

Who wants to fetch me out tomorrow?
I want to watch Jumper. Boooo :(

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