Sunday, August 30, 2009

over again

I finally drag myself to update my blog.
been so busy... & lazy at the same time.
been out & around since trial is over
tee hee (:

this is only short term happiness la.
There are still finals coming this Nov.
oh the joyyyy -.-

Since my trial is over, I shall write a recap on all my papers. HEEEEEHEEEE

The first paper. I was worried sick bout the listening comprehension the night before & I totally suck at writing letters too :( First hour was spent doing the listening comprehension, quite screwed up actually, they asked for eight factors and somehow I amazingly just wrote seven :( and there are others which I forgotten. Then comes the essay, took longer than an hour to finish, then the damn letter. HAHAHAHA it sucked, I chose to write bout the ban of using mobile phones in school. Kill me, I think I did pretty bad in this, no distinction :/

the second paper, taken later on the first day. It was one of the best paper -____- it was as thick as a book, no wait, it is a book, with approx 38 pages I think. I sat there and just stared at it, not knowing how to do, well at least I know some, mostly those you can count with the calculator which barely carry any high marks. So yeah, I'll probably fail Maths. I consider it lucky if I can get 20 and above :) *praysss*


Second day, third paper, as fatal as the second paper :/ I studied everything, I swear I did. Panic attacks, I totally forgotten what is the two fiscal policies, I remember expansionary but I forgotten all bout contractionary, it was so sad. The whole paper looked sad. I swear it was frowning at me, well that's if the paper can show emotions laaa. *sighs*

I love this paper. The tips all came out right, I didn't really studied it till the night before but I'm quite happy with it. Especially the extended part, yummm, the four stages of explanations, I was so glad the exact same questions came out. This is the only paper I can count on now :)


I swear I was so confident about everything when I walked in the exam room. I remember I was just reading bout the Breakeven thingy seconds before I sat down, but when I flipped through the papers, I totally blanked out, just like during my Economics paper, and the Cash Budget, it was my confident part but I left it blank, 28 marks gone down the drain. I totally forgotten how to do everything, I wanted to kill myself for it, but oh well. Last paper is always bittersweet :)

The good thing is trial finally is over.
The bad thing is I totally screwed it & I lost my motivation to study for Finals already.

Can someone slap some sense out of me to make me study arrr ?
I can't stand being so carefree -.- I feel so out of place when I see people preparing for finals already, I think last minute work is so me. Someone just have to change my view, seriously.

It's Merdeka Eve anyway, I'm at home, rotting.
such a nice day to sleep, seriously.
I could sleep for the whole day today but no, I feel wrong sleeping too much.
Sleeping is not my thing, at least not usually.

did I mention MANCHESTER UNITED WON lastnight, against ARSENAL?
HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA, I must say it is not their best game but they are DAMN LUCKY.
Penalty, own goal & offside last minute.
How lucky can they get? :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I probably just suck

I suck at Math.
I seriously suck at it.

I can't fucking get a solution for the easy questions.
urhh, this is so torturing.

Trial is in approx. 18 hours time.
I'm not prepared, at all (&here I am ranting, ranting, ranting)
I've had my guilty pleasures.
&& this is definitely not one.
It's killing all my braincells.
Mathematic just suck :( or maybe I am just too stupid.

I am stressed and I'm online reading managing stress articles.
I am so lame yerr.
whatever the fuck happened to me...



Thursday, August 20, 2009

you & I do not belong :)

If we could sit together a moment and talk forever just to pass the time,
I would smile as the shivers and chills run down my spine,
with your eyes are locked on mine.

This is all temporary.

I'm still drawn to it.

I have to wake up at 8 and I'm still wide awake, 0419 hours.
please just hit me on the head.

trial is in two days. yippieyay?
I did not study much seriously.
sial sial sial.

I'm gonna continue watching youtube maths class :P

Sunday, August 16, 2009

only You

only you can make me smile like nothing else matter at all
only you are capable of turning my stormy days brighter
only you have the ability to make me laugh with a single word

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Trial is on the 24th to 26th Aug for me :\
28th for someone ;b
sorry I'm rubbing on it, you can rub it on my face for Finals, FIFI

I'm making cheesecake later, can't wait.
gotta go back to studying, no more time to procrastinate for now ):
I cannot screw this up this time.
I must NOT screw this up.


Friday, August 7, 2009

I hope you read this

sometimes things find you when you need them to find you,
i believe that.

Monday, August 3, 2009

pre-sleep post

I think my biological clock is pretty messed up.
Not just today, it have been going on for weeks.
I won't sleep till the early dawn.
It's not that I choose not to sleep, seriously.
I need to fix the circadian rhythm as soon as possible

if you know anything bout making someone sleep early
be my guest (:


its 3am