Sunday, August 30, 2009

over again

I finally drag myself to update my blog.
been so busy... & lazy at the same time.
been out & around since trial is over
tee hee (:

this is only short term happiness la.
There are still finals coming this Nov.
oh the joyyyy -.-

Since my trial is over, I shall write a recap on all my papers. HEEEEEHEEEE

The first paper. I was worried sick bout the listening comprehension the night before & I totally suck at writing letters too :( First hour was spent doing the listening comprehension, quite screwed up actually, they asked for eight factors and somehow I amazingly just wrote seven :( and there are others which I forgotten. Then comes the essay, took longer than an hour to finish, then the damn letter. HAHAHAHA it sucked, I chose to write bout the ban of using mobile phones in school. Kill me, I think I did pretty bad in this, no distinction :/

the second paper, taken later on the first day. It was one of the best paper -____- it was as thick as a book, no wait, it is a book, with approx 38 pages I think. I sat there and just stared at it, not knowing how to do, well at least I know some, mostly those you can count with the calculator which barely carry any high marks. So yeah, I'll probably fail Maths. I consider it lucky if I can get 20 and above :) *praysss*


Second day, third paper, as fatal as the second paper :/ I studied everything, I swear I did. Panic attacks, I totally forgotten what is the two fiscal policies, I remember expansionary but I forgotten all bout contractionary, it was so sad. The whole paper looked sad. I swear it was frowning at me, well that's if the paper can show emotions laaa. *sighs*

I love this paper. The tips all came out right, I didn't really studied it till the night before but I'm quite happy with it. Especially the extended part, yummm, the four stages of explanations, I was so glad the exact same questions came out. This is the only paper I can count on now :)


I swear I was so confident about everything when I walked in the exam room. I remember I was just reading bout the Breakeven thingy seconds before I sat down, but when I flipped through the papers, I totally blanked out, just like during my Economics paper, and the Cash Budget, it was my confident part but I left it blank, 28 marks gone down the drain. I totally forgotten how to do everything, I wanted to kill myself for it, but oh well. Last paper is always bittersweet :)

The good thing is trial finally is over.
The bad thing is I totally screwed it & I lost my motivation to study for Finals already.

Can someone slap some sense out of me to make me study arrr ?
I can't stand being so carefree -.- I feel so out of place when I see people preparing for finals already, I think last minute work is so me. Someone just have to change my view, seriously.

It's Merdeka Eve anyway, I'm at home, rotting.
such a nice day to sleep, seriously.
I could sleep for the whole day today but no, I feel wrong sleeping too much.
Sleeping is not my thing, at least not usually.

did I mention MANCHESTER UNITED WON lastnight, against ARSENAL?
HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA, I must say it is not their best game but they are DAMN LUCKY.
Penalty, own goal & offside last minute.
How lucky can they get? :)

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