Sunday, February 24, 2008

today & yesterday ; disappointment

The sound of the television showing the Tottenham VS Chelsea match behind me is giving me headache, especially when my brothers' made their stadium behind me, screaming and scolding and eating all the junk food. Tempting me with the delicious chocolate chips with extra almond cookies & my favourite Sour Cream flavored Chipster.

Boooo them -___-

So here I am right now, one ear listening to the football match, another ear listening to my eversoft music (thanks to their stadium behind me). With one part of my brain thinking what to type, another half of my brain is thinking the design of the Yellow House T-shirt, and test is just 2 days away.

Talk about doing revision, I tried studying but every time I try, I end up sleeping or eating or going out. My mother is complaining about me not studying (like... everyday? har har) . It's just amazing, right?

Ooh and yesterday, as I was walking, I slipped and injured my knee. It was quite a bad injury until I went to the doctor, he said I was lucky I injured the lower part or I could have broken my knee cap. Consider myself lucky ey? But I still have problem walking, it is still swelling even after taking the medicine.

Mr. Doctor said I must not work out or do any heavy exercise that have anything to do with my legs for the next 2 weeks.

just so amazing ! -__-
Just when I'm finally determined to lose some weight.
Things just keep happening.
Am I jinxed or whaaat ?

* * * * *

Anyway, I'm sort of, very disappointed in somebody.
I guess I just have to get used to not having somebody in my life, again.
I don't think he'd probably care if I died right now.

I'm strong, I'm tough, until you came along,
& bring down all the walls I've built over the years.
You were my weakness, and I guess you are still my greatest weakness.
Tell me, is two years too short to heal this pain?
My dreams, it's getting out of hand.
It's haunting my mind & taking over my body.
I'm scared I'd make another mistake to destroy us all.
I'm afraid I might lose everything I want to have.
I wish for you to come back
and take over this ghost inside my mind.

For now, I'll be sitting here.
Patiently, waiting for something to happen.
Some hugeass miracle to happen to us.
I won't put too much hope.
As they said heing mong yuet tai sap mong yuet tai
It meant the more hope you put, the more disappointed you might feel.

anyway, Chelsea scored & my brothers' rooting for Tottenham.
I'm going to sit down with them on their stadium, right now.
And support together with them to cheer myself up :D

toodles <3>

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