Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Finale of EDC's Sex Scandal


the man have finally came out from his shell to end it all after all the photos have been flooding all over the Net. I bet most human have got their hands on those very entertaining pictures.

Marriage are called off due to
those pictures, some are breaking up/separating due to pictures too. What can we say about it, now? Ever since the release of it starting from the 29th January, everybody have been wondering is it true? Or are those fake?

Most men are probably worshipping EDC for his conquest, some are probably jealous and the rest? They're probably hating him for his carelessness of handling those pictures.

Me ?

I personally think it's normal for an artiste to have
fei wen (rumours/scandals/gossips) but for an Asian to have sex scandal with 12 women is just disappointing, what more, a guy I think is talented (for certain acts, now that I know).

Despite all the running away to convince the girlfriend and all, he came back on 21st February, held a press conference and read his statement to the public

A summary of his statement
He was with his family all along & not escaping
He admitted he took all the pictures
He claimed all those pictures were illegally stolen from him
He apologizes to all those involved in this scandal
He will quit showbiz
He will perform charity work for the next following months
He want to heal himself & search his soul
He will continue assisting the police with their investigation
He hope they will accept his apology & give him a chance

He look so hot even when he's like the world's biggest jerk.
No wonder all the girls always give in to having their pictures taken ey?

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