Thursday, February 28, 2008

the weaksubs & coffeenight *

My weakest subjects are up tomorrow ;

Additional Mathematics (the bitch)
I am in good condition with this bitch here. I understand, I did all the revision, my tutor just retaught me all over and I'm done with it. Progression is so mengawesomekan. I absofuckinglutely love it :S

Pendidikan Moral (the whore)
This whore here is scary, I haven't started memorizing yet, three freaking bidangs kay? And it's just a quarter of the year only. I suck in Moral studies lahh.
Seorang yang bermoral tidak akan mendapat mendapat markah yang tinggi untuk Moral.
Har har har.

(the slut)

I'm telling you, this slut is the root of all evil, not allowing me to understand anything, I don't even understand the last chapter of Form 4 :( that stinking graph & wave-like lines. Blahh, I must study tonight already, burning my last midnight oil of the month.

* * * * *

munchkins bought Mocha Ice Blended from Coffee Bean and Caramel Frappuccino from Starbucks stored for me, tonight.

wooots, blissful :))

okay, I have to study.
STUDY, adelene.
You must score this test.

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