Saturday, February 2, 2008

birthday celebration :)

31st Jan

after coming back from school, got home & showered & got ready, called Regina & we went to the birthday girl's house, Sok Wah, Jenny & Zingwei were there. After a while, we went to Gurney then we split up, me & Regina went to meet Rachel & Chia Sin in Body Shop and bought Zi Xin her birthday present, then we went
shopping for everything possible. HAR HAR HAR

and we met MISS KOAY, yes my school Chemistry teacher. Har har, she actually looked better in school than
out of school ey, no?

then, after roaming around, Tiffany came & we went down to get something to eat/drink.

Met Cedric & cousin, TseHan on the way up to MegaQ to meet Zi Xin. Passed her her present then we played the game in there for a while then we went down to Seoul Garden, Venne, Tiff & Regina followed me to get the cupcake from Joo Sing. Met my brother with his
ahems. Then we went down to Seoul Garden & asked the worker to keep those cupcakes for us :)

Then instead of eating, we started vaining like nobody's business in Seoul Garden.
HAR HAR HAR. Let me present you with
some pictures :D

then there is the couple of the day caught in act.

and time for the 17 years old
aunty to blow her candles. HAR HAR HAR

heh. Her parents brought another 1.5kg cake too, and we ended up eating in school the next day & the cupcakes taste delicious :] yummy, I prefer choc chips over choc now :X

With this, I end the entry with all the group pictures we took at the end of the day.

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