Saturday, September 29, 2007

finals emo

I haven't been touching the computer for quite some time
Goodness, it's been looooonggg :]
for those commented my previous post,
thanks for the concern, it's definitely not child abuse =)

Finals on 1st Oct - 9th Oct.
9 days of misery.
I've been dating Mr. History for almost a week.
I serap nothing from there =(

oh, and Accounts.
5 questions in 2 and a half hour!

stress stress stress !

I sedang EMO giler :[
I am depressed.
I am regretting.
I am hopeless.
I am worthless.
My life is going to end, soon.

Anxiety ?

i am at the verge of insanity!



Dexter - Dexterity said...

emo emo emo... y wanna emo leh..

happy happy ok liao mar...

ahaha... smile smile...

Alan said...

You will be okie la. No worries!

clickme said...

life is short, we need to enjoy our self...

happy also a day, sad also a day~ When i having problem, i just throw the problem a side,and look for new problem :)

every one also hav history, some how read history also not bad, if you feel happy with it, history also may become future

aL said...

but urself a long island babe!