Wednesday, September 5, 2007


I spent my Merdeka in Perlis with bi, Kel & Viv.
We tried the Laksa and Ais Kacang *yummy* :]
went dinner with my cousins at night.
bi & Kel was almost drunk after dinner
so me & viv decided to try something.
We walked around the whole housing estate in the middle of the night.

hell yeah it's fun :D

The next day, we started off our journey super early to KL.
Reached there around afternoon.
KL was super packed so we just chill around Starbucks.
After going dinner, went back Viv's place to change.
Mardigras was awesome.
saw some familiar face.
Danced and got wasted the whole night.

i know i look fuckin wasted.

Went back Penang the next day.
I'll start hibernating from now on.

I promise :D

My end term exams are coming
I need to bertaubat & start studying.
If you see me hanging around.
Please do slap me.
Thank you


conan_cat said...

ooo, good luck in ur exams ooo!! :D hope you get all the nice nice results! hehe and come kl so funnya~~

clickme said...

wow, go our middle of night...very dangerous leh

Dexter - Dexterity said...

wor wor...

i still see leng lui here...

Gambade in yr studying ler...

u can do it... haha...