Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Talk about the Seventh Month.
I've been having nightmares everyday since the mid of August.
No, it's not fun at all.
All of it seem so real.
Involving every of my loved ones and... me.
It's beginning to scare me.

I'm afraid.
Afraid of losing everybody I ever cared for.

I was walking, passing through the people I've never seen or met.
A familiar sight suddenly attracted my eyes.
I looked at her, trying to recall her.
It was, her.
There she was holding a few bags from all the shopping.
With a phone on the other hand.

I wanted to scream for her.
Before I could say anything...

A car ran over her.
There was blood all over her lifeless body.
Her white dress slowly turned blood red.

I rushed to her and slowly turned her around.
I see....

She was me.

I swear to God, it feel so fucking REAL.
It's like I can feel the pain on my body.

but who am I to complain?

me ; sheyma

eh, weishian! I have a question for you.
hahaha, what?
when you do time right, why you cover blanket?
do what? -__-"
seks la !
HAHAHAHHAHA, cause later your ahems kesejukan.
really ar? okok.

tiff & i laughed like crazy after that.
sheyma is so cute!

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