Tuesday, December 16, 2008

short note 1

I finally changed my whole layout after so long.

so bloody long.
I am sorry, I won't be updating AGAIN.
I have Undang test this Friday & I can't seem to get 80 & above at all.
If I don't score at least 84, I have to retake till I pass.
and I'm going to do my hair tomorrow, one whole day gone.
left Thursday to .. study
wtf. omg.

I'm so sorry again I cannot update.
Maybe I'm being my usual self *mutters*lazyass*coughs*

Besides do comment on the new layout and header!
Credits to some sit for the background ><
I forgotten. I am so sorry.
If you know who you are.
Just drop a comment and I shall credit you ok.


I am uploading all the Bloggers' Gathering picture to Facebook tonight.
Feel free to tag yourself.
I'm being... l....a....z....y.... again.

I finally decided on something.
the decision is made.
& it's permanent.
Hopefully I don't regret
*prays hard*

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