Monday, December 15, 2008

ladies troop

It is late *rolls eyes* I am finally done with stuff.
uh huh.
I am sorry I've been too lazy to blog & stuff.
I am currently in a state of dilemma.
No idea which intake to choose

Anyway, I have updates coming up, real soon.
After I finished receiving pictures from others I guess.
Hopefully I don't get lazy by then ;)

Janice, don't be too surprised :P

What A Bloggiful World! event :]

Check back soon, updates are coming along.
I promise, I even postponed my Undang for my BLOG ok.
and partly cause I haven't start studying or doing exercises.

Anyway, anyone taking SAM January Intake in Disted ?


Simon Seow said...

Nice revamp. I'll be revamping soon but only changing the header lol.

madellkcl said...

hey ya, im madeline, your senior, remember? aiks. neways u wanna take sam? think like thrice k? i took sam as well. and oh i can introduce you to disted and get rm100 discount for you if you want. =) leave me a line on my blog if you need anything.