Sunday, December 21, 2008

from Perlis with love.

I finally am using my Ipod, after so long, I have abandoned my Ipod for quite some time. It eventually disappeared in my brother's room -.- I found it in his laptop bag on the way to Perlis.
Just the right time.

Here I am, typing this post, all the way from Perlis. Say I am nice because I even think of my blog even when I'm suppose to be .. enjoying myself. Yes I really did, I went to the Pasar Malam just now :D and seriously, there are so many food here that is cheap & good, when I mean cheap, it's really cheap ok, I'm not the bimbo that call RM10 Nasi Lemak cheap and I am that sampat, mind you, I've never been to Pasar Malam for quite some time already ok, besides, Perlis' Pasar Malam is really really nice, the food here are way cheaper than those in Penang, where do you get RM1 fried chicken wei, its in a very big portion also! Bigger than my palm ok... and and you don't get to find RM0.50 nasi lemak in Penang too wtf, then you can see Coconut drinks selling at only rm1 ok with the filling and all. Everything there sure look delicious and tempting, the father spent like RM50 buying so many food for just four of us. It was like triple the portion we eat for dinner -.- and it's only RM75! Btw, we eat a lot compare to an average human, so when I say triple the portion, I really mean it, try imagining :D haha, now tell me, where can you find all these in Penang with such a cheap price?

ok, I am focusing too much on the food hahaha, between, I ROLLED THE GLUTINOUS BALLS!
I feel so proud of myself at some point :)
I might be making curry chicken with my grams tomorrow :D
hee heee wish me luck :p hahaha.

I think I have a problem, I get irritated/annoyed/pissed off damn easily, is it me or what? I realized after high school, everything is different, although I like finished SPM in less than a month, I can see what is happening to everything & everyone around me. It's starting to look damn realistic now, not that I never expected it, but never this soon I guess. It just feel so funny that everything's over and sometimes the friends may look so.. *sighs*
I don't know.
maybe I am just being paranoid.

I just get going. my Ipod is done charging :D
I shall be listening to it while playing with the kiddo's PSP :)

good night! *hugs*

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