Friday, December 19, 2008

I am writing this post by myself LOL

My hair is straight, smooth, silky & soft now.

Finally found time to pamper my hair, straightened & treatments. I, myself is tempted to touch it every now & then just to feel the softness of it. Sampat much -.- I know la, it is my first time having straight hair all my life ok. I never did much to my hair in the past, except curling it last year. Yeah, mostly just trimming & stuff. I'm not the kind of girl who changes hairstyle much. I pretty much am very outdated with hair as I never have the guts to snip my locks at all.
I don't think I'd look good in short hair anyway.


I might start highlighting red & green for Christmas.
Then red for Chinese New Year.

fuihhh xD

anyway, I phailed something today.
don't ask me what I failed in MSN
I will just bombard you with more profanities -.-
mind you, I am a very nice .. in person that is.
*smile widely*

Seriously, I
think I won't be updating much, maybe just pictures. I have too many things to finish *sigh* and my driving license! I won't be getting it so soon after all, starting college in Jan will just make everything much worst wtf, but I made my decision.
no regrets, no regrets, no regrets.
*chanting it non stop*

Yes, I am going January intake.
please don't tell me its a stupid thing for me to do -.-
Exactly a month after SPM and I will be back holding books.
Can you at least feel happy for me & stop making me feel like I'm making a mistake?
*mutters* boys will alw
ays be boys... *coughs*

I love this picture :)
I love the people inside too.


I'm going Perlis tomorrow.
*smiles happily*


p i y i said...

eh u look pretty good with straight hair also leh sayang..more pix!! ;p said...

wow, do treatment already... use the voucher from blogger gathering?

Adelene said...

piyi : EH DONT FLATTER ME, I KEMBANG D hahahahahha. duwan vain la, later my hair bitch on me -.-

Calvyn : nope, not yet, the voucher I tak tau guna. LOL lazy wanna call make appointment :(