Sunday, December 2, 2007

all song are emofying -___-

somebody is jealous I'm going to meeting more nowadays

I'm still thinking about it
I know it's not coming back
I just won't give up
boo hoo !

had seafood with family & tiff just now
at batu kawan
fuiyohh! finger-licking-good :D
too bad they didn't have the lai-liu-har :(
tsk tsk tsk


I'm happy with my life now.


okay fine, I lied.
so what ?
I am having one of my
mood right now
pms -___-

I still cry for you
I would die for you
I can't believe all the words I hear you say
I still long for you
I was strong for you
I can't believe that you're gone

and even if I cry a thousand tears tonight
would you come back to me
and even if i walk on the water
would you come out to see
now I can't spend my life standing by
cause even when I'm missing you
you're still not missing me

songs nowadays is so bad
they're making kids feel emo
so bitchy weihh
tak baik untuk kesihatan
dui sen thi bu hao
not good for health

tidur time :]
mtg agn tmr.

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