Saturday, December 29, 2007

a new day has come

It's been a while since I last blogged... :)

Christmas Eve hmm?
It was well, dull, got drunk & wasted on the eve, so Christmas was just as expected, nothing fun, went out for coffee then dinner with parents at some Malay restaurant, the fried sotong & ikan panggang was finger licking good xP the place is situated by the sea, beside Gold Coast Condominium, somewhere around Queesnbay too.

I bet most people had fun in Gurney for the countdown.
sorry to those people I turned down to spend countdown with in Gurney & club.
I wasn't in the Christmas mood, at all :(

Anyway, back to the happy part, I am done with the new layout :)
I am contented with it and feel extremely accomplished.
I admit I didn't do the original codes, but I spent 19 hours revamping the whole blog.
I was really inspired the other day while browsing through blogskins.
Oh yeah, I credited the original designers, too :)
I must say, this is one of the most successful skin I edited :D
saya sangat gembira dengan kejayaan ini.

blahh, I'm still doing my Add Maths paper now, pretty impressed ey?
Add Maths + Me = Maths Error
but eff it, I have two papers to be done with, 15 pages, 80 questions to be exact.
And I'm leaving to KL in like Sunday :(
which means I have like less than 48 hours to do all that questions
Ishkisme lah, I can barely remember any formula or anything about Add Maths.
Buddha, Jesus, Allah, God.... you got to help me this time ! *prays*

the other day in the car
me ; mum ; dad
eh, they just stated MENTOS GUM here, how would I know it's chewing gum or bubble gum -__-
then who ask you to buy?
daddy wanted it, not me.
just put it in your mouth and chew, if can blow means bubble gum lah.
uhm, what's the difference actually? *chews the gum*
Chewing gum is for chewing, bubble gum is for blowing.
then bubble gum cannot chew wan ah? 0.o
Can lahh, but bubble gum is made of ..... bubble(?) that's why can blow.
OMG really? *spit out the gum*
I'm just joking lah

At one point, I actually believed her in that.
I fell for her trick, again.
how childish can a mother get right?
*shakes head*
okay, I'm off to straining my brain for answers :(
wish me luck people.

I miss you -_-
I can think of you & miss you at the same time
&& you're not dead, cause I miss you.

i love adore you, too.

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