Friday, December 7, 2007

Golden Compass


went to Regina's house with Tiffany in the morning
talked to her & ransacked her room
then EmWhy called, he was waiting outside the house
then he fetched me & Tiff to Andrew's house for a while
then we went somewhere with our pakaian selekeh LOL
it was so funny seeing everybody dressed so formal while us, wearing slippers & shorts xD
then we went off to JayHedge's meeting
helped them with their ship (a bit lahh)

then Jia Li & Kwok Tjun came,
talked & did some work,
then suddenly unknowingly we are talking about watching movies
tak pasal-pasal we are off to watch Golden Compass

lol, went for the 5pm show
it was awwhhh-some :]

the part where the ice bear's jaw came off, myfudgingGod, so *shudders* && there's one where the witches shooting arrows, so gaya xD

after movie, we went to Kim Gary :)
met the ShoutOut gang there.
then we ordered our food
&& they forgotten somebody's order
LMAO & we had to wait for her.
after dinner, EmWhy fetched both of us back.
from Gurney to Air Itam to Island Glades and back to Butterworth xD

after coming back from Gurney
followed my parents to Sunshine Farlim for grocery shopping (:
bought so many types of chips
and of course my favourite, CHIPSTER

then went back home -___-
suddenly pulak my brother wanna eat McD
then we went McD :]

then today, tiff came early to my place -___-
i was happily sleeping then regina came at 1 something
we went off together to meeting
did costume and see them dance
oh, THANKYOU KELVIN LIM for helping us sew.
terima kasih banyak banyak :]

regina is coming to my place to help me with the costume :]
gossip girl returns right now :]
I'm gonna watch the 9th episode now

byeeeeeee *waves*


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