Sunday, January 4, 2009

short update III

yo people.

i know I'm late.
been busy & yes I'm back :)

I <3 Macao.
not HK, but Macao.
surprising eh?
ask me why! :P

I won't be updating on my trip anytime soon I guess.
no time, theory talk in a few hours time & Orientation on Monday.
Yes, college is starting for me.
I've had enough listening to people discouraging me about going Jan intake.
I'm going Jan intake and go through what I've prepared myself for.
No regrets anymore.

ah its 0235 now.
I better get sleeping.
Tomorrow is a longggggg day ahead.

i miss you.
yes, you.


aL said...

long island please.

Adelene said...

leang gonna slaughter us. HAHAH
text me :)
I am all free now.