Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I've never went through a phase where I'd feel so speechless, like now.

Suddenly, I feel so satisfied, so accomplished.

I do not know why.

For example, in my whole life, I've always wanted something with my I-must-have-it attitude and yes, lately, I've got things I want. Now I feel so empty like an aimless soul.

I am

I need to find my direction
before it is too late
before everything start to fall apart

* * * * *

One week of holidays, meaningless tau ? I'm serious. I've wasted two days watching "Glittering Days", plus today, three days for 30 episodes. I know, but there's nothing else I can do, I'm sick of malls and I can't just yumcha as I am a vegetarian now, till Friday.


I know, unbelievable ? Well, believe it, I'm not going to get tempted by other food and trust me, I won't. I am determined since my whole family is joining in.

Combined Meeting is this Saturday, I can't wait !
This better go well, or not I am doomed.

Holy moly, it's fuggin 0430 now.
better leave now before I turn nocturnal.

&& yeah, I won't be around for sometime.
So I won't be updating so often, I guess :]

do miss me aight?


splashmilk said...

30 episodes for 2 days? Thumbs Up!

Alan said...

You will be okie in no time la!

clickme said...

well today is sunday already, ending of your holiday i guest... 2ml will be monday...

haha time pass very fast right...