Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Last Saturday, Annual Training Camp in school.
Reached school at 7 ' something.
They checked our bags & everything.
Went to put our bags in our class

We shared the class with Patrol 7, Florence's patrol.
Regina's too. wheeee :)
First meal of the day, kaya bread & a glass of milo.
After that, morning exercise
then bla bla bla
I don't really remember

Second meal of the day ; ICE CREAM, rainbow ones :) yummy

after eating, we had to go to Science Garden
tied our lashings
had our competitions

then here comes the third meal of the day ; NASI LEMAK

after that, we had pioneering
they gave us six bamboos to do anything we want
Our patrol was the most creative
we were just building an ampaian, ended up with a flagpole, a shoe rack, food rack, BRA&PANTY rack. HAHAH
others did good too.

then the fourth meal of the day ; potato soup :D

After that rest for a while then it was CABARAN time
wahh, syok, paling exciting! heh ;]
There was this game where we have to squeeze my patrol [12 people] in TWO PIECES OF NEWSPAPER.
2 PAPERS ONLY OKAYYY? we succeeded :D
then we have to make human pyramid on muddy water
& a lot more
the most memorable one is the one & only...

.... MUD CRAWL !

hahaha, I tasted the mud water, daymn!
But it was nice, not the mud water. the whole cabaran experience
hahaha, we had to bathe IN PUBLIC OKAY
hahaha we *censored* *censored* in public!
Regina, Ying Shu, Florence & I *censored* our *censored* and *censored*
lol. okay this is funny. HAHAHA
I copied Regina's way of writing.

wala la la

Then it was night, campfire time,
I destroyed our performance
shit wei, no preparation AT ALL
then free dance, me & tiff were shaking & dancing & jumping almost all the time
had so much fun
running around, dancing.
Guess what? I didn't eat at all -___-"
I was too busy & too lazy to eat.
tsk tsk tsk
at the end of the day
vained with Nicole but still end up with no pictures

btw, my patrol won BEST PIONEERING
I'm so god damn happy aight?
Nicole's patrol won BEST DISCIPLINE
Florence's patrol won BEST PERFORMANCE
Zi Xin's patrol won BEST OVERALL
Congrats all winner :D


will update tomorrow on Sunday's outings
sheesh. LAZY LAZY -___-"

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Project said...

Adelene Ranks...!!! 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 !!! Late comers down 20!!!