Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Last week have been busy. staybacks, NIE rush, Teacher's Day preparation.
Horrorlistic. I don't take much pictures you see. so this is gonna be a dull update.
Wednesday, stayed back to practise dance & created some new steps
Went home around something with Regina.
Came home then started sleeping till I missed my dinner.
Thursday, stayed back again & before that was rushing our NIE posters & writing all the expenditure & budget.
Zi Xin & I went peeping the others paper & found out. most of them drew it.
Only a few printed, so there might be chances we might even win, the merit awards.
I ain't that ambitious to win the grand prize :)
I know myself well enough.
After rushing all the work, we finally finished writing after 45 minutes standing & holding the dang heavy school bag in the staff room
stupid ? *grrr..*
Practised our dance till 5 somethin', our legs went so soreeeee
& I mean really really sore.
Went back & prepared for tuition.

Friday, Teacher's Day
Went to school & practised our dance in the class
Changed & went to the hall to watch before performing.
okay, then it was our turn to perform.
It's scary, seriously.
I never liked performing on a stage, even on an open field is not that scary.
The dance was alright, I think =S I don't know.
I was the shortest midget -___-"
I screwed up, not that much, just a lil' (more than that) ..

Will post the video later :)
After all the performances, it was PARTY TIME.
Reminder no 1, somebody broke the window. HAHAHAH
Reminder no 2, that somebody almost broke the door too.
Reminder no 3, Venne ate 6 or 7 rounds of food without stopping.
Reminder no 4, 4T, 4M, & 4C all came to my class for dancin.
Reminder no 5, teachers have to dance before leaving the class.
Yes, Pn Chua, Pn Lim, Pn Hooi & Mr Hooi danced.
oh, how sporting can they get ? *grins*

I love them all. *smooches*
After all the eating, it's time to burn some calories.
Dance, dance ! Yeah, it was hell lots of fun.
The highlight of the year, well the only day we get to do whatever we want.
After 12.30, went home & sleep then double tuition.

Saturday, it's a school day.
Dragged my ass to the school compoud for the sake of getting my Mathematics' results, even after my dad convinced me just to sleep at home.
then, DAMN, she just gave us our objective :(
I wanted the whole thing so I won't have to worry anymore.
But she said, once we get our subjective paper, it'll ruin our Saturday
She end up lying to us?
went home & sleep. He kept calling, I couldn't sleep in peace. *Screw you*
Woke up around 6 something, dressed up & went for dinner with my family & dad's friends.
Went to some little malay restaurant in Tanjung Bungah
My mum went obsessing the tomyam *nyek nyek*
After dinner, wanted to go to the G Party since Chun Kit is there,but....
There's always a but, lol, but, I don't have transport back :(
So end up, my dad's friend wanna go UPR, went there & my parents disappeared -___-
left me all alone there, called Lynn & met up then we went MOMO.
wheeeee :D then my brothers somehow appeared in there too.
They went off with their friends, & the next thing I know,
I'm on my bed the next morning having a heavy headache.

That didn't stop me from going Tesco & Queensbay :D
Went for groccery shopping in Tesco then brunch in Queensbay.
Sushi is contagious. Beware !
Went to the newly opened Quiksilver, polka dots bikini!
waaaa, I was captivated.

me ; mummy

Mummy, OMG, so niceeeeeee ! I want laaa
Want what? Your body very nice is it? Buy also you won't wear.
NICE laa weihh. I will wear if you actually buy for me!
You go dream laaa. Your daddy coming d, let's go.

Yeah, see ? That's how I'm treated when I wanna buy something :(
Pitiful sia. After that, went home & rest. I started thinking of my 4 moral essays.
Called somebody to help, guess what he said -__-
Independant girl, don't depend on others, do yourself ! Actually I wanted you to help me with my Maths also, kekekeke.
-____- see that. I'm like jinxed ! :(
Went to gym after that, came back, dad told me they're going Gurney.
I was so tired, still gotta drag myself there since it's Fathers' Day
After roaming in Gurney, we went to eat in some place in somewhere. LOL
I don't know where actually. Hmmmmm, but the food was finger licking good :D
After that, fondue time :) wanted to go Haagen Daaz but it was full
So went to Ice Ice Baby instead. Ordered some desserts
& there goes my diet plan.
abis laaa gained weight like crap d :P
Went home later, then went out to a friend's party at 11 somethin' in UPR
then they changed to the hotel near there, city bayview or something
grrr, made me wait like madwoman !
came home around 4 something, I didnt know how to unlock the doors & stuff
Had to call my brother from the house to open up everything for me
*shakes head* I'm hopeless. HAHA
Didn't sleep again, watched TV till 6 somethin'

Showered &
went to school.
Venne didn't come to school, no more jokes to laugh. Hahaha
Got my Accounts Marks, I passed ! :D yay!
& Moral, it sucked, real bad. HAHA -___-
Came back from school & slept till 6 something.
Tuition at 8.30, Addmaths. Blarghhh.
Finished my graph homework. yay.

Finally. one completed post :)
The following post will all the pictures.
I'm too lazy to update them here now.


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