Tuesday, June 5, 2007


And so, yesterday, Gina & I went Queensbay at around 11.
Everywhere also discount !
We went searching for a bag for my mother's birthday.
End up, I bought myself a bag instead *nyeknyek*

& a few more..

We went Borders after that, bought a magazine
Then we went to the Starbucks there for a drink
waited for Tiff & ZiXin to find us.
Later after they came, we went to Vince & Co again.
shop, shop, shop then Janice came to meet us in Vincci
After buying my mum's bag, we went roaming around.
Then ZiXin's friend, Sheena from KL came & joined us.
Lunch in Secret Recipe *yummy*

SHOPPING spree again after eating xD
from Elianto to Bonita to Elements to *don't know what shop*LOL to Stefeno to Nichii, Nose & Espirit then we reached a final stop, MNG

My brother called saying his class finished & he's coming to fetch me *grrrr, GERAM*

Gina followed me to Starbucks *again -___-* to wait for my brother
vained while waiting *that's what girls do best (: MUAHAHAHAHAH*

that girl snapped my pic while I was taking her pic xD

texting MingYeng horh? *tsk tsk tsk*

The my brother came, went home & rest.
At night, we went to Tao for dinner *drools*

saw Ee Mei working there *waaa, I miss you girl!*
We had sake & we were all bloated.
Parents went home & the young ones all went continue drinking.
Finally after so loooooonnnggg of not drinking xD

We headed to SOHO, drink, drank, drunk, yeah.
Came home early (:
Online & still manage to stay up till 4 something.
At least I was still sober..


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