Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I finished my tests today.
Earlier than every form4 in my school.
Venne, Zi Xin & me, ONLY.
I can go kacau people tomorrow when they're studying their asses off.
Hahaha, I know I'm evil but I can't help it.
It's in the genes :P

Venne & Zi Xin went Queens after school.
While I went to celebrate with him.
He had to treat me since I finished my tests.
We ended up eating in Belisa Row's Secret Recipe.
I had the Lobster Sauce Macaroni while he ordered Irish Lamb Stew.
His Lamb Stew was like *drools* so delicious.
After that, he dropped me home & I started shouting since then.
Should be working on my graphics instead.
Screw it, I need chocolate for more creative cells -___-

Had a funny convo with BenTheBear the other day

Eh, men like big jugs or not?
funny, how I know? You're a man yourself, right? .... Or not?

Of course I AM! I just don't know.
Don't know what? -___-
I should like big or small boobs.
*lol* then you like big or small ?
I like big but then that day there's this lady in Glo and she was all over me.
And she squeezed her big fat boobs all over me. I was suffocated !
man, you're so lucky -____-
Hell no ! It was scary, I think I'm having phobia with big boobs. I think I'll choose small boobs now.


I can still remember the look on his face.
He looked so horrified.
And cute.
between, Add Maths paper today was..
hmmm, let's see..
terrible :)

while waitin'

i like this picture :D one eyed monster


CRIZ LAI said...

Evil stare.. see liao kaki lembek. LOL

clickme said...

aiyoyo..moster eye..damm scary leh...