Saturday, August 4, 2007

what is in the past, should stay in the past :)

I'm becoming the typical old me, again.
Why do I get so weak when it comes to you?
These scars will always remind me of you.

The day when we finally put an end to us.
That day, I observed the blood gushing out.
It was almost like the air rushing out from a punctured balloon.
It won't stop until it ran out of air, same goes to the blood.
I suddenly realised it's stupid, so I stopped.

A few weeks ago, I dreamt of you.
I couldn't sleep for the whole week.
Memories of us kept flooding my mind.
And the old habit came back.
I started it again.
I couldn't control myself.

Old habit just won't go away.
Damn it.

Why do you always have the ability to make me feel so weak?
I shouldn't feel this way. Not now, not ever.
Please, stop casting your spells on me.
I can't handle anymore of this.

I'm sorry.


conan_cat said...

awww... you also know what's in the past should stay in the past right? and i'm worry about what's "it"... don't hurt yourself k? whatever you do, i'm sure he doesn't want to see you being the bad you too

Genova said...

when it's over, let the past stay as the past.