Sunday, January 27, 2008

It Goes On

two deaths and it's just the beginning of the year.

First, it was Heath Ledger.

then Lee Nian Ning

That girl that passed away on the way back to Penang in a bus crash. I was in her funeral a while ago, it was so tragic, seeing her parents having to send her off at such a young age. A number of people were there, mostly from MGS, seeing everybody in such mixed emotion, it's just so sad to lose somebody dearly, no?

Such tragic things can just happen anytime, at any minute of our life.
In just a split second, we might be gone, or lost somebody dearly to us.

Life is just so unfair
yes, it is.

& short.
very, indeed.

talk about karma, why are those committing sins not being punished while those who is innocent have to sacrifice for those big fat sinners. Why is everything so complicated when you're growing up ? Why must life be so sad, why can't it be happy ?

not that I don't understand why -___-
just let me rant about it.


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