Sunday, March 9, 2008

make me happy, give me a hug.

I have so many to rant, today.
But I can't write everything here.

I don't like people to keep reminding me to study.
I know when I should study. I know test is over and I am not taking that as a reason to not study forever. Just leave me to peace just for a few days.
I am the type of human which will rebel more if you keep reminding me.

When I ask a question, please answer it.
Stop giving me answers irrelevant to my question. I don't mind you saying I don't know but stop giving me rubbish answers. It's really irritating.

DRIVERS ALERT. Please do not U-Turn when there's is no sign of it.
You passed your freaking undang for it, please bare in mind you are putting others life in risk too if you U-Turn at the wrong place.
My Goodness, stop being so selfish will you?

Stop putting words in my mouth.
Stop twisting everything I say, if you cannot translate properly then I'm advising you to stop. I don't like people who can't shut up when they have to.

It is not a crime to be friendly to boys.
So what if I am close to boys? It's not a crime. Being friendly equals to being nice, being nice is a sense of respect. You respect your friends, right? Online flirting is way too common, if you cannot take it then don't get involve in it.

If you dislike/hate/despise me, thank you.
Everyone have haters, everyone hates at least one person, I don't mind being hated or disliked. For those being hated, just stop over-reacting. Just pretend they don't exist or maybe ignore their presence.


These are all my rants for now.

Oh, to the ex-boyf.

je vous manque tellement.

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