Saturday, April 26, 2008

moral folio, again.

I was so bored the other day in school during our BM ceramah

I start inking Rachel & me.


turned out pretty good (from my point of view, that is)

I am planning on getting my initial done on my hand after SPM.

What do you think?

my initial, A


the look I'll give you when I'm exhausted -__-

I know I look horribe.

Bare with it

It was taken at 3 something in the morning after I finish compiling my whole moral folio

and I almost burnt the house down due to my creativity of burning my front cover


see the top edge ? I burnt my "S"

and it require a passport photo of me for my biodata.

I did the
smartest thing on Earth.


I cropped a picture of me to the passport size and asked the shop to print it for me

smart or not?

only RM3 for all these.


(say cheap or I'll shoot you...)

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