Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Day In School

23rd June 2008

I slept at 3am and woke up at 4am to watch the ITALY vs SPAIN match but ended up sleeping again, got up again at 6.30am for school. The mother told me Spain won Italy 4 - 2 in penalty.

WTF, penalty, wtf.

I kept cursing all the way from the house to school, bitching about Spain and all.
HAR HAR, sorry Spain supporters, as much as I love Spain, I prefer Italy over them.
It's just too bad, Italy didn't even get in the semifinals.
Reached school then went into the class and tried to sleep
the bell just had to ring when I was in the climax of the dream =/

Before recess, Tiff & I went to wait for the cupcakes.
Ween Nee came and passed us the cupcakes.
woooot. Thanks Ween Nee !
the cupcakes were awesome, damn mengcutekan :D

for Celia.

Happy birthday you skinny bitch :D me love you :)

this is Caryn's. Pink & Bunny. cuteness.

Us, with the birthday girl :D

After recess, I was bored, like really bored.
I started snapping random pictures.

Venne & Sarah, my ultimate laughing gas.

the sky turned dark, a bit lah. lol

then rain started pouring. *freeze*

after an hour or so, it stopped.

I so love the last picture, was not edited at all.
The sky was so blue and it blend with the green in my school so well.
Oh, these were just a few pictures I took that I like.
the rest? Better be unpublished.
I don't want some people come killing me :)

that's all for a day in school.

i love you both :)

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