Sunday, June 8, 2008

end of holidays

big apple donuts

I've been feeding myself that for the past few days.
I heard they opened a branch or something like that in Sunway Carnival's Jusco.
wtf ?
of all places, why there? -.-
geram nia.
and, Facebook is so addictive lah.
lastnight, regina, tiffany, fusheng & me played chor dai dee till 3AM unknowingly.
I think we played more than 15 matches -.-
I kept losing like crap.

2.15AM's game

It's so scary how time passes so fast when you're FBing lah
Like now, it is the end of holidays already
wtf -.-
I am so used to sleeping at 5AM and now tomorrow I gotta wake up at 7AM
goneded lah.

anyway, just uploaded pictures of the mother's cupcakes.

Chocolate cupcake with strawberry toppings. delicious ;)

Japan's cigarette, very different from Malaysia's

I don't smoke, like seriously.
Smoking is like suicide.
*rolls eye to somebody*

oh, btw somebody bought me mcflurry just now
so sweet can
he bought it and asked the deliveryman to send it to my house.
grrr, came at the right time when I was craving for sweet stuff.
Great minds think alike, I suppose :P

thanks muffinpiee (;

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