Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I need inspirations.

I smile too much to myself lately.
the father thinks I'm mentally-and-physically-retarded for smiling too much
the mother thinks I am too excited over the lesbian gathering a.k.a. PROM NIGHT.
the second brother is leaving to Tasmania soon.
the first brother ? like usual -.- nagging 'bout SPM wtf

i so need to get started with graphics.
I think I'm self obsessed too.
I lost weight, yay me :D
I miss somebody a lot, for some uncertain reason -___-
I sleep less than 24 hours in the whole week :(
I need to go Prom shopping, people. CALL ME UP anytime!
TIFFANY, ZIXIN, REGINA. let's BAKE cookies honeys.

okay, photoshop now.
I have no life right now.
wait, did I ever have a life even before this ? =/
back to Photoshop again wtf.

i will love you long time if you do :)

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