Tuesday, July 8, 2008

dedication #1

hey you, yes you.

I have so much to tell you, yet everytime we talk, I'd stutter. Though the days we know each other may be short but we seem to know each other so well or maybe it's just what I think. Sometimes I may freak out or get angry over small little things, I'm sorry, but hey, I care for you *rolls eyes* and I
sayang you ;)

Do you know whenever you don't reply my messages I'll get all cranked up? Do you know everytime you IM me in MSN, I'd stop everything I do just for you? Do you know you'd always appear in this little mind of mine, like 1420 minutes out of 24 hours? Do you know when things get tough and a simple greeting from you is all I need to turn my frown upside down? Do you know you weren't my Prince Charming in my dream but I still chose you over him ? XD omg this is going no where.

The whole point of this is, I care for you, I sayang you, I like you, and I
might will do everything for you. Things will not be easy but I'll always be here and you'll always be there ..... right? *glares* wtf, you better be >;)

Loads Of Love (LOL)
me, yes me (:

you & me.
I'll marinate, you'll barbecue.
Together, we'll eat.


no it's not a relationship.

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