Friday, July 11, 2008

I AM FAT.... part II

I keep growing sideways nowadays.
Not nowadays, I meant... these few years.
the temptations of food and the laziness to exercise.
I mean seriously, compare me and all my kawanbaiks.
wtf, all of them have a body to-die-for.
their coke-bottle body shape, their long legs, their small waists,
the keep eating and never go fat disorder.

wtf, i want.
Friends like them are .... *shakes head*


(kawanbaiks sekalian, if you all read this and start thinking "wtf is she talking about, I am fat okays" then you want to type in my tagboard something like "WEIHH I AM FAT TOO" or "Excuse me, I am fatter please". Please think twice before you do so, don't make me go to you and show you the spare tyresSsSssSsssS and ... the flabby arms and legs, wtf. OK just be careful before you say something regretful now, only that seifeiloh can come to me and say that. MUAHAHAHAHAHHAHA, ok I'm being mean :P)

oh well, i am sorta happy with my body too lah.
I know I'm not skinny like Kate Moss, curvy like Jessica Simpson, sexy like Jessica Alba, short&curvy&beautiful like Eva Longoria.
but at least I have one asset nobody have :D
my tummy, awwww.
SAY IT (or I'll bitchslap/kick/hentam/box you... *smirks*)
I am not ashamed of it but I'm not saying I'm proud of it too :D
but it's alright.

I will work harder to burn some fats lah. As if -.-
I say that everyday, wtf.

- sometimes what is on the outside might be pretty,
but what is in the inside are those matter the most -

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