Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I was born to say fuck.

the mother complained I curse too much.
the father wants me to go NS so badly.
the first brother likes to cari pasal with me.
the second brother said I am too coward to go PC Fair alone.

nevermind that. I still love them all :D
I'm so sweet, no? ;]

I don't like post office.
I know it's random.
but seriously, I dislike post offices.
no, it's not the letters or the postmen this time.
I just, at one point, hate sitting there and stare into the space for God-knows-how-long
I had to go to three different post offices just to settle the car's stuff.
It was so frustrating.

anyway, I had Slurpee today, after so loooong.
ahh, heavenly.

had a chat with an old friend.
how we all wish we were kids again,
when skinned knees are a lot easier to fix than broken heart.


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