Sunday, August 24, 2008

of football and accounts ;]

here I am sitting in front of the laptop (not mine!) typing this entry while watching
the match between Liverpool and Middlesbrough, 1 - 1, draw.

No wait WTF Gerrard just scored at the 94th minute for Liverpool.
85th & 94th minute.
2 - 1
Impressive :D

I am actually trying to study here, in E-Gate.
but the light is so dim, and the laptop is such distraction.
I'm doing my Accounts now WTF

Woan Shing are you proud of me now ? :P

Anyway, talking bout EPL, yes the season just started, say goodbye to the silent weekends of not watching live matches, I really miss watching football :D no joke weih.

I used to think football is about twenty stupid people chasing after one stupid ball with two other stupid people at the goal posts but boy was I wrong, it might look easy. I tried playing football and I can barely stay in the field for 15 minutes with all the passing and all, imagine those players, 45 minutes running non stop in the field, no wonder most of them are so fit .... and not to mention, hot, super uberly HOOOTT ;)

Not many people know I actually watch football or actually am interested in it, have to thank the father and brothers for pulling me into it. They are all football fanatics too. I remember when I was standard two, I was a crazy Manchester United fan, really crazy ok, they have this Manchester United Fans Club in Malaysia and the whole family joined and everytime they stop by Penang, I would pull the father to buy me all the jerseys, typical Beckham fan. I remember watching Eric Cantona play too, he's such a legend. Good old times.

I am still a Manchester United fan.
RED DEVIL all the way!

Glory, glory, Man United,
Glory, glory, Man United,
Glory, glory, Man United,
And the reds go marching on, on, on...

oh, I am supposed to be doing Accounts.
Arsenal match just started.
I am rooting for the GUNNERS !

wooo hooo.
ok, I'm going to do my Accounts, for real.

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