Friday, August 22, 2008

sweet seventeen TT

Happy Birthday to my BFF, Tiffany Tan :D
yes I know this post is 20 days late.
her birthday is on 2nd of August.
I was too busy to compile everything and I'm sorry.
(trial is 9 days away and I'm not busy -.-)

A friend since 8 years ago, wtf.
I was standard 4 back then.
I was upgraded to her class and we talked, she was also known as WeeEan's other half.
I still remember the KYS try to steal her away from KWE story ... lmao

This girl here is definitely one of the noisiest girl I've ever known, literally noisier than average except koay yi lin & logamaleni wtf :P
I still remember whenever she crosses the road, she would always run -.-
She's really irritating, too with all her why, no & really questions and answers.
Just let her irritate you in school everyday.
She will never miss a day of school even if she had rashes cause she wants 100% attendance -.-
She's beautiful, loud, crazy, calm, loving, and slightly annoying but she's my best friend :)
I am too lazy to list down everything.
Let's just let some pictures do the talking ;)

we've cried through camps.

we've kissed through glass WTF -.-

we've danced through a lame dance competition = =

we've jumped together lmao

we've attended tuition together

we've failed through an audition together -.-

we've sweat through campfires together.

the endless laughter, the teary eyed moments, the never ending gossips, the vaining sessions, the hyperactive times, the hardworking days, the part-time party life, the childish fights, the merajuks, the 'stop-irritating-me' stare, the toilet times, the heart-to-heart talks and lots more...

good and bad, we've been through it all.

I am sorry if I ever pisses you off and you had to apologize to me instead.
I am sorry I will always bully you in class because you are so nice to bully GG
I am sorry I had to force you to pay for my present LOL
I am sorry the times I stopped talking to you because I want to merajuk
I am sorry I always have this evil thought of wanting to check your inbox
I am sorry I will always laugh mischievously at you
I am sorry I always blame you for stealing my boyfriends lmao
I am sorry I am always freaking jealous of your beauty
I am sorry I barely go out with you this year
I am sorry I bitched about you as much as i am envious
I am sorry I PPKed you to play paintball together and you ended up being the only girl there
I am sorry I wasn't with you when your grandma passed away instead I was happily in camp
I am sorry I didn't write this post earlier
I am sorry if I made you cry by reading this, but I know you probably won't cry -.-
I am sorry for all the mistakes I did in the 8 years of friendship of ours.
I am sincerely apologizing.

Tiffany Tan Wei Ping, you are the greatest friend ever.

i sayang you :D


I look at all the pictures of the past, thinking of how the years went by so fast. The dances, the parties, the jokes, the laughs, the shoulders to cry on and cute photos, the people I’ve known since way back when. The new kids came every now and then. The friendships come and go, but there’s always those few I’ll always know. Now as we grow up, I know I’ll remember those days.

her present just arrived in yesterday ;)

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